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    How could people loot locked bins on my tribe territory?

    If I can't keep my things on my land safe then I am out till I can, it's no rush, take your time Xsyon I deleted my character anyways, after I discovered that I got robed.

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    Looted Bins

    I am sorry you are having an issue. I will look into it and see if I can determine exactly what occurred. For you, and those others reading this forum post, I ask that in the future you do not delete anything such as your toon or tribe as it makes the research far more difficult for us. Also, please submit a ticket when such things may occur as that is the fastest method for response and allows our tracking systems to help evaluate issues for action in game. Tickets can be submitted via if for some reason you can't access the game. You can also submit a ticket via the scroll with the ? on it in the lower right hand corner of the Xsyon game window.

    Please give me a bit of time to determine what I can about the situation. I will have to research, if I can, various aspects of the settings and such so bear with me on this and again, I will find out what I can and take the appropriate actions if some form of exploit or cheat was employed.

    Again, we appreciate you playing Xsyon and we greatly hate to see such things occur and negatively impact your game play and enjoyment. We appreciate you giving us the opportunity to try to resolve the issue.

    Thank you again for being a part of Xsyon and we hope to resolve this very quickly.
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    I have done some research. I ask that you submit a ticket, as detailed in the prior post, so that the details of your issue and the resolution may be dealt with between you and the staff ensuring the security and privacy of your information. It is not our policy to openly post information regarding these types of issues to protect all parties involved. Please also list any additional information you can in the ticket, such as items taken and which bins as best you can. It will aid me in giving you more exacting information.

    Thank you again.

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