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    Come play in the south with us

    We are Jamestown Nomads we reside in zone 780 by the big crater.

    We are not recruiting be we are offering a starter bin full of goodies delivered to your totem free of charge. The south is much lower in population. There are very few scrap piles that have been pulled to dirt down here. Much more low level critters to hunt. Many more places to set up a home. All we want is some trade partners and a few neighbors.

    The bin includes lvl 50 items, these and more
    and more.

    Contact in game: CptSmith or JeremiahJohn

    Edit: If you are willing to gather the materials for 2 carts we will give you one (5 slot) to haul off your basket of goodies. This is good for the Foragers Handcart or the Pioneers Handcart.
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    After making a few carts we have lowered the price of a cart to:
    60 grass twisted rope, 12 grass thatch and 50 nails for a 5 slot Foragers Handcart.
    350 Nails, 2 cloth tarps and 24 cloth straps for a 5 slot Pioneers Handcart.

    Come down and enjoy the south.
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    peace server i take it? I want to play around actives so if you guys are active i will consider relocating.

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    Heya Wazcool!

    You realize that Pawnee is still very active, just not as chatty in global anymore.

    If you are looking for trade partners and people to chat with whisper either me, Sharitarish, Tupux, Charon, Salvage, or any of the other guys.

    Hope to see you soon in game!

    Pawnee Tribe Leader, Supplier of Insight, Friend of all!

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    Yeah I didnt move, dont worry I went and looked around their area but seemed equally as quiet for me lol

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    Hey Neighbour !
    I am in 700, near you. My Name is Neo_aus_Tirol. Hope i see u soon

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    We are always willing to work out trade/barter for carts, knife and saw blades, or anything else you my need. We get that most older players do not want what new players can gather, not high enough level. Not us, we have need for grass products any level, nails any level, granite, tar and so on.
    If you are in the south and need a tool or a weapon or want a cart stop by we are in zone 780 between the scar and the lake.

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