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    Hey everyone,

    I just downloaded the game late last night and go to the campfire bit. So far I love the feel of the game. I joined the PvP server as I do love to PvP so if there is anyone on that server tonite hopefully I'll get to converse with you and learn a bit more of the game.

    I've read a few threads now and I'm concerned, most are agreeing that PvP really won't end up being a thing for this game?

    Forgot to mention, I haven't actually paid for the game or subscription yet as I'm scouting out sandbox mmo's trying to find something I can have fun in for the next few years. From what I understand it's $30 one time and then $15 a month after that? Is there a big enough player base that is active to pay for a sub fee, or plans on this game getting active enough?

    Archeage was going to be the one but well, it's looking doubtful
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