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    Heeeeellllllllllooooooooo world

    I just downloaded the game and im about to start playing. Ive been looking for a game like this, but haven't found any good one's.
    What really got me to try this game is because it is based out of Lake Tahoe. And that is where I live!!!!!
    So if there are any USA players playing this game let me know I LOVE mmorpgs and I want to jump right into this game.
    So if there are any USA tribes out there hit me up!!!!!

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    Welcome to Xsyon!

    The Pawnee tribe is looking for friendly players, so please check us out before accepting blind invites.

    We are located very near the lake in zone 896 along the lakeside road.

    We have a lot of room to let you build and experiment and learn, and experienced players to give you tips and advice.

    Whisper me in game, ( type /w Sharitarish then hit the spacebar ) and let me know what your ingame name is.

    Look forward to meeting you ingame!
    Chief of the Pawnee Hunting Lodge

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    welcome to the game!

    i can suggest the pawnee tribe which is active on PVE server if you are looking for a community of USA player

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