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    The Pawnee id looking for more allies!

    Please head over to zone 896 and drop your trade totem today!

    Pawnee Tribe Leader, Supplier of Insight, Friend of all!

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    Welcome back Bearfoot and Koda!

    It is so good to see players returning to the game!
    Chief of the Pawnee Hunting Lodge

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    wb! hope you will find fun in xsyon again

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    Thank you its good to be back. Hoping my AGD (attention gaming disorder) has gotten better, Oh look ! A new games out......hehe na im here for a while. See ya all in game and thanks again...

    Pawnee member and friend to all

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    Welcome UKSteve and Naturediva to Pawnee !

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    Great to have 2 new players UkSteve and NatureDiva. Its so nice to have couples playing Xsyon!
    Chief of the Pawnee Hunting Lodge

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    Welcome aboard Quickly!

    another fine addition to the growing Pawnee tribe!
    Chief of the Pawnee Hunting Lodge

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    Also want to mention that if you are more the hunter type, we have another camp called the Pawnee Hunting Lodge, in a more dangerous area with a very good scav pile close by.
    Chief of the Pawnee Hunting Lodge

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    Also let me welcome WolfMistress and LadyMadaline to Pawnee!
    Chief of the Pawnee Hunting Lodge

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    I just thought I'd pop in and share some of my experience as part of the Pawnee tribe. I joined as a new member, and was happy to find a tribe of helpful players who had been playing Xsyon for a long time. They were happy to give me basic supplies, teach me about architecture, terraforming, farming, and even provided me with a large plot of land. Everyone is very laidback and casual, and always willing to help. There are several builders in the tribe, and plenty of space to go around. If you're a new player looking for some help getting started, or just someone eager about building, then Pawnee may be the tribe for you!
    Aelan of the Pawnee

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