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    Feedback Request 12/13/2014 - Data Cleanup

    The Test Server is open for testing and I need your assistance.

    The data on the Test Server is backup data from Peace Server earlier today (10:00 AM PST) but cleaned up to remove old unnecessary data. I need to ensure that nothing has gone missing with this cleanup.

    Please log in and check your inventory, baskets and buildings and let me know below if everything seems ok or if you encounter anything missing or unusual.


    Thank you for the feedback. The Peace Server has been updated. The Test Server is now running cleaned up data from the War Server (10:00 AM PST December 13th).

    War Server players, please let me know if all your inventory data seems correct.

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    all seems in order on my side

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    Of the bins I could check, it all seems fine to me ... I would be fine saying the clean up for pawnee tribe is good
    Chief of the Pawnee Hunting Lodge

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    All ok for me, but hard to know for sure when there are so many bins to check

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    Seems ok at the Valorinak Republic. Too much to check to be 100% sure, but a general look around seems ok.

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    Of the bins I checked all seems well.

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    As far as I can tell, Valorinak Republic on war looks ok. I didn't notice anything unusual or missing.

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