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    Lightbulb Faster crafting?

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    As a new player I disagree whole heartily. I have played many a MMOs and this is one of the fastest grinds already. I've been playing 2-3 months 9-10 hours a day and I have 2 skills at 98+ scav is at 90, making tools in the 75-80 range and on and on.
    The one thing I loved about WoW (vanilla) was the grind and exploring the scenery. This has a little of both but not enough of the grind to get to max lvl. I play Xsyon for something to do over the next few years I do not want to be done with everything in a few months.
    Slow down the pace, increase the grind, make making tools take longer and the green bar points are also a bit fast in getting

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    How about a 3rd opinion to add to these two. I have played for 2+ years and for all of that time grinding has been my least favorite thing to do. That goes for this game and many others. As a casual player to much grind, for me, means move on and find another game. I'd say for the most part keep the skill leveling grind right where it is. It's bareable in short stints when you mix in lots of other activities like building, exploring, hunting and gathering. (And what do you know, you get exp. doing all these things as well..)

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    Quote Originally Posted by romka2x View Post
    As it stands now, I have resources and masonry on "minus" and 5.0 and I spam those skills all day long to get maximum green exp to be used in other skills. I become better lumberjack faster this way than by actually doing lumberjacking, which doesn't make good sense. With this kind of system, I'd stick to the things I'm good at.

    This here is the key IMO to the problem/statement.

    The 2 above posters said that its fast or fast enough already. Yet this issue here was not addressed. Which to me is the root of the problem along with another issue, the grind itself.

    The grind itself is very boring I literally have 100k+ actions in just 1 craft not even counting if you add them all up. So standing there semi afk (watching movies while I click the button every 3s to 100s) is very boring and pointless. You are really not even playing the game.
    On top of this considering that the best way to train a skill is to not even use it but use another easier skill to then use green points in a "hard" skill is silly to me. I like the idea behind it but clearly the skill/mat requirements need to be balanced for this to happen in this way.

    I believe that the number of actions to level a skill is fine (the grind doesnt even start at 100 skill btw because the real grind is stat grind). So unless you have 125 base stats you havent even got 1 stat up yet.

    My idea / solution is to allow you to craft bulk based on the mats you have, getting full action/skill use. However, getting 1/2 dura/quality items in return. So say wood handles normally you would get 80QL wood handle based on your skill/QL of the stacked mats and tools. But with the bulk option you would only get 40QL and they would only have 1/2 the normal dura.

    This would also help newer players to that tend to be the gatherers of the game to sell items to vets that need them.
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    On the surface this sounds like a reasonable suggestion (and I like it) but in thinking about it I don't see where it's a solution to what you stated nor do I see a problem with grinding a skill you don't care for to get points to spend in a skill you do care for. If the quickest way from A to B is to grind C --as strange as that seems-- grind c and spend your points with impunity.

    Perhaps I'm misunderstanding you but if the problem is the grind is boring and you can't grind an unlimited amount of items at a time how does allowing a player to grind in bulk as much as they want (but at low quality) solve the problem when almost always what players choose to grind is throw-a-way items anyway?

    Grinding is boring period. I don't see any way that that will change and my fear (so to speak) is that complaining about the A to B to get C grind for exp points will result in an even longer grind for a fix --with no choice to grind an off skill to get a better exp rate to use in a favorable skill.

    Be careful what you wish for, etc..

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    you also have to see, you are plaing the game now, and you'd like to get your stuff fast done. sure everyone would like to reach goals asap. but you have to understand that thousands of players did the same in the normal way before you poped up. that wouldnt be fair.

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    Another option might be to slow down the actual crafting process by a factor of say 5x then increased the experience gained by maybe 4x. You would decrease the amount of actions and materials required thereby saving a bit of time on gathering and clicking, yet still gain the same experience for the same time spent crafting. This would eliminate about 4/5 of the clicking and dragging and gathering, would still maintain an appropriate time frame for leveling a crafting skill yet wouldn't required thousands or tens of thousands of actions and items to level a skill.

    It may not be any less boring, but would seem a bit more realistic than the instant click "Item Made" current crafting process and save a bit of leg work on the gathering side.

    One example I can think of was Vanguard. They had a very realistic (Yet difficult) crafting system that required you to add each item in stages before you could finalize the crafting process. It gave you the feel of actually making something and it took a lot of time to craft, but used much less materials feeling less grindy. (Is that a word?)

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    If you create an MMO with a single 1x1 room, and in that single 1x1 room there is a pedestal, and on that pedestal there is a big red button and if that big red button is labeled "Press to wins the internets" and all you have to do and can do is press the button ... someone will eventually complain about the grind.

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