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    Character Creation Bug

    Sometimes when I'm making a character I get a message that says "Invalid Character Parameters Entered" and then it prompts you to make another character. I'm not quite sure what causes this. I can only get it to show so far when I put height and weight at the very minimum, I'm not sure if that's the values that cause this but it could be. I also has melanin all the way down too.

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    Re:Character Creation Bug

    I encountered this as well - when I saw that maximum height had been dropped to 2m, and youngest age to 16, I started playing with the boundaries and received the invalid parameter error each time I tried a 16 y/o male with smallest height and weight.

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    Re:Character Creation Bug

    I've encountered this one as well using the same height/weight(195/90) combo I always use.I thought it might be from one of the other options I chose, so I started going through each option I was choosing individually. So far I've been unable to get the same message, it may be due to a combination of my chosen options. I'll continue to mess around with it and post if I find something specific.

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