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    Server Status: Peace Server

    If the Peace Server is down outside of regular maintenance and update times, we will post here with an approximate time until the server is reset.

    If the Server appears to be up but you receive an 'Incorrect Game Version' message, the Server is in the middle of an update and will be available shortly.

    Xsyon Citizens feel free to post here!

    Note: This thread will be cleaned up regularly to keep the most recent pertinent updates.
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    Peace server down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrDDT View Post
    Peace server down.
    NOooooooo I was just taming a baby bear!

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    I'm restarting the server and it will be back up in 15 minutes or so. Thanks for the alert!

    The cause of the server going down isn't clear right now so I will be examining the logs today to figure out what happened.

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