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    Tribe members and size

    It takes 810 ingame days for a tribe until totem goes away ( no matter how many members ) , thats how it should be.
    Now , we have really big tribes , the owner take a look every 800 ingame days , and the tribe is clear for another 810 Days , thats how it should be too
    But , all tribemembers not online for a year or even longer still counts as members , and thats NOT how it should be !
    There should be a 810 day limit for that too
    Yes , i know it hurts , but it's just not fair to take up space for long gone ( and prolly never ever logg in ) people to calculate how big a tribe should be
    Stay with the 810 days rule even for members , and not just the owner
    members don't logg in , tribe shrinks , it grows when the member comes back , simple as that
    Think about it , and don't just flame now

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    i agree, and homesteads should be reduced by 40 meters as well. 10x10 meter is fine for ppl who was not able to build a community in the game. just dont give reasons to flame, lol

    the tribesize counts on the amount of members. since its "a tribe" and not a single player homestead, whats wrong that other tribes mates make sure your stuff will be safe in the time when you are not playing? another point would be, a tribe with for example 50 citzen accs, every player had a own area to build, 10 player play every day, 30 player log in from time to time and 10 player are inactive. so the 10 active player would loose their stuff, even when they log every day, couz the build closer to the border, just because 10 inactive member didnt log for 810 days. that would cause dramas and seriously our dev have plenty of stuff to do than deal with more issues.

    its fine as it is, since 4 years. saw a lot of ppl who was complaining and which was jelous, but well.. ppl come and ppl go in this game.

    its not that there is not enough space to build up tribes, and old tribes block the whole area, "imo" there are just ppl to lazy to do stuff by their own. so sure lets shrink the big tribes that lazy ppl can loot their stuff.. lol
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    well there are people playing for a long time, and even if stuff of players show 2000+ days. they joined a tribe to store their stuff and if they come back or not is a diffrent topic, but when they will log again the stuff is still there. a tribeleader is after about 60ingame days able to move carts, if the carts really bother, even out of the tribal land. so they dont hurt. if the leader is not active but members who feel bothered by carts, they can still ask a guide to move those.

    cant let got? not sure what you mean about that, should they kick inactive member? you have to know, every tribe which is build up and have some members, also have a own history. i can tell that i know, and remember the people which are in my tribe and which are not playing currently , or even anymore. and while we played together we build friendships. so i wouldn't kick them, i also would like to see them still in the tribe if they come back anytime. you prolly have seen a lot of returning people in the few month you are here now, and if you start another game anytime and may come back to xsyon you would like to see your stuff and your tribe ist still there i guess.

    its not the fault of tribeleaders that the population is that low. most ppl dont find a way to thi game. there is almost no promotion and expecially here in europe no information that xsyon even exist. tribe leaders who log in to avoid decay still hang on their tribe and prolly a whole bunch of them will play active once steam released and ppl show up.

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    Dorsie, I think you are a little confused on how the timer works.

    First off, its not how often the tribe leader logs in that resets the time.

    If you have a paid account subscrition on ANY member in the tribe, the timer will be set to 0. Even if they never log on.
    If any member who has a paid account (now any person logging in that tribe because everyone is paid to play) resets the timer.

    About the idea of making it smaller based on how often people log in, is a horrid idea. Why? Because of tribal planning.
    Lets say you have a 100 meter radius tribe. You build the walls at 80 meters around your tribe, takes you weeks or even months of work and you build your tribe. Over those months, you slowly lose a few players. Now your area is 75 meter radius because of your idea. So now they have to rebuild ALL the walls around the tribe because the old ones are unprotected.

    Xsyon needs to move off the # of players in a tribe rule and goto a resource cost system. This way if you are not playing, you are not gaining resources. If you are holding a large tribe that costs a lot of resources with no one playing, you will need to either lower the size or get active people to keep up with the resource cost.
    If you are not playing, you will end up losing all your area. This resource cost will need to be thought out on balancing so people that do only play a couple of hours a week can keep up with the costs of a homestead and the per person cost value of larger tribes.
    This system would also increase the value of active people in game along with the value of resources in game. Even tribes like mine have a limited number of resources and could not keep my tribe size active forever without playing. I would likely end up selling off high skill items for basic resources for upkeep, encouraging economy.

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    Dorsie, Im not sure what you really think you will accomplish with your idea, but I can tell you right now that it would drive away most of the vets playing. ( maybe that is what you want? )

    Like ddt said, your idea only forces people to rebuild all the time, and to me would make the idea of building in the first place pointless.

    Already abandoned tribes decay and the land is recovered back to its original shape. You can loot anything on that abandoned tribe after the various timers expire, and there is so much land available now to start and build up a tribe that I really can't see why you even posted this.

    What is it you REALLY want?

    To me this sounds like you know of a prime spot ( at least in your viewpoint ) to build a tribe on, but alas, its occupied by a long dormant tribe. I know it hurts that you didn't get first shot at that spot, but that's the nature of online gaming.

    Also, how is it fair to these tribe leaders to have literally YEARS of work shrink or disappear just to satisfy people that have not played as long?

    Some of us have actually been playing all along and want to keep our ingame investement of time and effort and thankfully Our kind dev is showing loyalty to his devoted players.

    I am not flaming you, but I do think this is probably one of the worst ideas I have ever heard.
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    Quote Originally Posted by romka2x View Post
    Tribe leader should be exactly what it says - a leader. Not some solo guy who is going to log in to save the ghost belongings. Focus should be on keeping community alive, not clinging to 3-year old architecture. A leader that is active and helps new people and works on constantly building tribe size and xsyon community in general, will never have this problem - it's the one that doesn't do it that will. Do what a leader does - rally people around you. Not do - not get. Simple as that. One member quits - get another one or suffer the loss of land. 810 days. Fair.

    Which kind of leader are you?
    Coran the problem is that even active leaders will find it hard keeping 80+ members active in their tribe when the game as a whole barely has that many people playing.
    You are new here, so understand that some of us have been working on their tribe area for 5 years. With some breaks in there of play but mostly active daily or at least 3+ times a week. You can see which tribes these are, however, there are some tribes that never log in and play anymore that do fall under abuse (in my opinion) of the system. I do it now even. I log in for 5mins every 30 days or less and keep my tribe from decaying in hope the game gets better. These tribes like mine is now should be punished for doing this, active tribes should be rewarded.
    A system based on the # of paid accounts is not a good idea, and never has been. I've been saying this for a long time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dorsie View Post
    the same way as wolferines did , and was there any tears ? no all was happy when it was gone
    and not a single member showed up and complained , why ? , because they are gone , period
    i complain. when wolvierines was still there, nobody saw the mess of the junkpile couz they putted arc on it.

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    well i told my opinion and i dont see a "need" to change the current system. the maps in the mist are prepared and afaik ready to open once we get a high population on the server. "just imo" there is no issue of blocked land, no issue of ghosttribes since still people can see what is possible and see the effort of crazy archetectures and individual ideas. no issue about a member which is still in the tribe, if they comes back they can leave and build up a own homestead, if they wont log anymore, they stay in a tribe where they was part of and helped to build it up. and as long people pay for their accounds, even if they do not log, they pay not just for the time they could play, they pay fot the security of their effort to store items and put buildings in the game.

    i think, if someone is willed to pay, he is willed to come back anytime. if he stops paying he dont care anymore and the stuff will go over time. so right now everything works with a perfect solution. i dont see a need in this disscussion eighter, i told my opinion twice now and i'm out of this topic.

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    Pwnuts, answer me this.

    You don't see it as a problem that the current system promotes inviting people just to grow your size and not even care if they are active after that, wouldn't it be better to have a system that promotes active players and people to play actively?

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