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    Not Pwnuts but here's an answer. In theory, yes.

    But, one issue that should be considered, and I think it has, is the people /tribes that have been with the game since it's beginning and playing under the existing system have managed to build up there tribes to max/ or close to max size. Do you change that system and risk alienating them? When is the right time to implement a change along these lines?

    I think Xsyon has decided to wait on this issue until the game has evolved a bit more and there is a better balance of old -vs- new players to hash out a good compromise that works for a majority of players. I agree that for now that's probably the best way to go on this particular issue.

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    Problem with waiting is that you will have a burst of new people and if understanding tribes have now is recruit with no care if they stay in the game or not will be bad.
    I think it's much better to promote/reward ACTIVE players and tribes. Xsyon needs to support people working together, and to do this you reward them. Currently we have only 1 reward for it, which is the tribe buff. Which IMO is minor buff until you get in high end crafting. Also a lot of people don't understand the buff.

    Tribes that have been with the game for a long time will not be punished at all IF they are active. Heck any tribe that has been with the game for a while likely has a ton of saved resources anyways, on top of that they should be able to get basic resources for traded items that old tribes can make easy while new players cant make them due to lack of skills at the start. Like carts, and weapons.

    "Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win."

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    I fully agree with Wastelandstoic.

    Remember that these dormant tribes do represent the drive and passion of people that played before. Perhaps some here are thinking that it will cause new players to somehow view it as a negative that so many used to play in that tribe but now they don't. And perhaps that is a possibility for a few. On the other hand, they could also perceive it as this game drew THAT many people and they did all that? COOL!

    Wastelandstoic has a very good point that to make such a sweeping change at this point will drive off the very ones that have stuck it out and spent all those years building their tribe up. For new tribe of today it is very hard to recruit and keep members since the game has such a low pop and still needs a few things to motivate them to stay. But to remove the monuments to the game that these, ( even dormant ) tribes represent is surly NOT the way to go about it.

    I can remember the days of beta and release and how the land became potmarked with homesteads all over. At least now we have the system that they decay and eventually disappear. Once they grew past the point of one person tribes the dynamic changed. Now it was important for Jordi to retain these players, and even if they left for a break to preserve their tribes to provide incentive to come back. This has obviously worked as intended all along due to all the ones that have have come back or in and out over the last 3-5 years.

    I'm All for a system that requires maintenance to keep a tribe at a certain size. its even on the totems atm and could be used. But there must be a reason he has not. Make any suggestions you care to, but I'm not going to hold my breath thinking any particular one will be implemented. At the moment we need to get past steam release, groom the game further to retain those that start new, and give is all more reason to do what we do here... THEN, and only then will this idea you present Dorsie have a chance at working to benefit the game. Until then I believe it would only bring further reductions in the playerbase.

    One more additional thing to mention, ddt is right about the old tribes, I would have no prob at all keeping Pawnee up and running and resources are no issue at all.

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    Mac the last reason I heard he didnt do it, was simply because of a few people told him they didnt like it and would quit. From what I understand.

    I think this system is very important not just to get active people some reward and option to grow a tribe without inviting everyone and their brother into the tribe, but also helping economy and new players.

    Think of all the new players that will be starting out and the basic resources that will be wanted. Vets wont want basic resources much as they already have most skills/stats. New players currently want basic resources for skills. If this system were put into place everyone would want basic resources even more, and I think you would see that trade would be a lot more active.

    Where I see the most abuse is where 1 person with a lot of resources could claim large areas of the map. However, this wouldnt last long as the cost of resources would be extreme. Also where balancing would need to be looked at.

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    I am not really disagreeing with you except on the timing.

    We need a population before any of these ideas have meaning. At the current pop and state of the servers, other things really need to happen first before ever thinking about tribe decay or maintenance resources.

    For instance...

    On the peace server, the only reasons to do anything are to build up a tribe and level your skills. No real need to trade, no real need to protect anything or to maintain anything. These issues need to be addressed first in my opinion.

    Give us roving bands of revs looting bins or breaking down walls to get at bins. Or have them spawn near any built up areas instead of old tribes that have been abandoned. Then you would have reason to build walls, gain members and trade with others.

    On the war server take away no combat on tribal lands and make it where the only protection is the walls you build. Also, allow other tribes to damage wall pieces and eventually break into any tribe. I mean its the pvp players paradise right? Make it a free for all since its a sandbox and pay no attention to complaints, seeing as its full loot 24/7 the only protection you get is what YOU make and maintain. Trade wont matter there really and that's fine since it's survive or don't.

    Anyway you get the idea. It's all well and good to discuss these ideas but now ain't the time to put them in.

    Pawnee Tribe Leader, Supplier of Insight, Friend of all!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrDDT View Post
    Problem with waiting is that you will have a burst of new people and if understanding tribes have now is recruit with no care if they stay in the game or not will be bad.
    I'm not sure thatís accurate. Anyone that has been playing for a while should know that a change to the tribe maintenance system will be forthcoming at some point the particulars of which are yet to be finalized.

    New players (few or many) should take some time to learn about the game, its history and mechanics, from several sources the best being long time players. While it is fully playable in many aspects, it does say Xsyon Prelude, not Xsyon. A work still in progress that anyone coming to the game can have a degree of input into the final results but, there should be no dictators here.

    I personally am not opposed to a resource system. I do think it should be well thought out and take all options/considerations into account. I'll echo Mac : I am not really disagreeing with you except on the timing.

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    Cure the problem not the symptom

    I think Dorsi that the problem you are seeing, is not huge empty tribes, but a low player population. Take my tribe for instance. We have maintained active members for over 3 1/2 years and have been active members of the global community be it a small community.

    Granted much of the time we have been down to a skeletal crew but usually no less than 3 or 4 active, and as much as 15 at any time. This is not from lack of effort on our part. When the FTP came out we worked hard at recruiting only to have most players waste hours (or days) of our time teaching them the ropes only to have them disappear without a word. Eventually we stopped actively recruiting and relied on serious players to come to us.

    Now that the FTP is gone we are going to start recruiting again because we have learned that people who buy the game tend to take it more serious and stay much longer. In fact we should be publishing our next recruitment page any day (still finishing up the details)

    As for the resource option, I too am not apposed to this idea however like Wastelandstoic stated, the timing needs to be right. If the population merits it, then I'm in. But with the low population it would only punish those of us who have supported this game for the past 4 years.

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    DDT, in #5 post you actually have a good point to provoke economy, no chokes, no restrictions, this I do agree with you.

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    Does anyone really care about the tribe size issue OTHER than about how to remove the bombsite that is the Wolverines base?

    Especially in light that Jordi has said that he will be pushing the borders back and increasing the size of the map by around x9 what it currently is?

    How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?
    “Although Xsyon is planned to evolve indefinitely, the first full release of the game, tentatively titled Xsyon Apocalypse will launch when several criteria are met:

    - Pets and mounts, currently in development, are fully implemented.
    - Ranged combat is released.
    - Enhanced building functions are implemented.
    - Systems are improved and balanced based on player feedback.
    - Achievements are implemented.
    - The expanded landscape (9 times the current world size) is ready for public release.”

    Maybe we could avoid having to change the game around by just removing FROM THE TRIBE SIZE CALCULATION all account's that haven't logged in for over .. let's say 4 years. (I think that would reduce Wolverines enough yet shouldn't affect any other active/activish tribes).

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    Wolverines is gone.

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