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    Angry No guides at all.

    in the past 10 days i've been looking for a guide because i get errors by terraforming or planting trees in some places of my tribe. there was no guide online.

    right now i can see only uriel and sariel pop up from time to time ( also didnt see them in the past 10 days )
    , at least on pve server.
    there are maybe other guides but they do not even use the chat to let ppl know they are around, or there isnt anyone else logging in.

    anyway, how will that work when steam release? lots of player pop up and 2 guides will handle 2 server?

    there should be at least one guide available at everytime, another issue is that the current guides are available ( if they are available ) in US times. european players will prolly never see one, maybe in the weekend...
    same for events, was a problem few years back and it is still. there are not events for player of diffrent timezones. there is not even a broadcast about events, as mihr did in the past. guied see a few ppl on and randomly start a even. a announcing few days before would be good, not?

    right now it seems to me anyone who ask for a guide acc will get one. for what reason? i guide should be supposted to support the community. nothing else. if i ask for a guide accound because i would like to check what other tribes store in their bins, i passed the concept of a guide acc.

    for example, founders island have more than 10 member, guides. why? there are only 2 right now.
    there are at least 5 tribes made by guides which have no use ( floating area, 2 old pvp areas, testing areas.. ) which should be removed as well, there is no use of them, even if it was for tests, there is a testserver for that stuff.

    i played a game few years back where guides was not allowed to support on the same server where they had their play charackter, which was great. guides in this game was not even " free guides", they was payed employes of the game, who had to stand in the game in small shifts to make sure there was at least 2-3 online permanent. maybe when xsyon finally release on steam and the game gets a flowing income, this would be a good concept here as well.

    right now i dont see that the system will work how it is. sure guides also want to play the game and not support all the day, but there almost not enough support at all. hen steam works, player will stuck in old tribes, unable to use unstuck couz of old architectures. stumps and boulders which a player cant target will block actions.

    dont missunderstand me, i do not apply for a guide acc. i dont wont to have any powers, just play the game. i support the community with the knowledge i have about the game and help them to understand things as far as i know about them. thats the only permission i need for guiding players, and if there are some boulders or stumps to remove, thats fine ( for a guide ) as well. but i also recognized that currently guides have a lot of powers which only mihr was supposed to have some time back. item spawn ( even if it is for event rewards ) should not be possible for a guide imho.
    hope you will consider well about it since i see big issues right now. steam is the biggest gamer platform and hundrets of player, if not even thousands will at least try the game. its your chance to keep them here and earn money, or let them leave and 95% will not touch the game after they'd quit.

    ( wrong forum btw, developter questions seems to be gone )

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    First, I do understand your frustration. Now, let me point out a few things you may not be aware of as a returning player not up to date on recent changes to the game.

    There are several Guides. Their job is not to sit in game nor to answer requests for help in global chat or in any other in game communications channel. There is a help ticket system implemented and accessed via the scroll with a ? on it in the bottom right of your game screen. This alerts the staff to an issue and is the proper and fastest way to gain assistance from the staff. Also, recent changes have been implemented so that you can't see a Guide online via the social window as you had in the past. So just because you can't see a Guide you have had friended in the past doesn't mean they aren't online. Our job is to deal with reported issues via the ticket system and correct issues of game play that are outside the desired and intended design and that a player can not deal with themselves. It is the desire of the developers that Guides do not stay logged into the server and have a presence on the server. The desire is that players work together and enjoy the survival and cooperative aspects of the game. So, the number of Guides available at any time does vary, but many of us do extensive testing on issues on the test server as well as many other aspects of game support that aren't readily visible to players. Again, it is important to understand it is not the desire of Notorious Games to have the Guides as an online presence in the chat and gameplay areas. That is seen to detract from the immersion and tends to become a crutch for some players. As for time of availability, I can assure you that Guides are not all from the US and that the hours they are available varies greatly by Guide but the ticket system emails us when a issue arises plus we are contacted by the Developer as well and tickets submitted via the system are dealt with very quickly.

    Many of the details you have posted in this post are not accurate. There are several Guides, again, your impression of their duties and their actual duties are not the same. We are not here to provide an in game presence. We are here to correct game play issues that players can not correct themselves and the ticket system gets very fast response and allows tracking of those issues so that the developer can try to prevent them in the future with code corrections. Now, some of the Guides you are familiar with have 'semi-retired' for various reasons. Their accounts are retained so that when these real life issues change and they have the time or desire to return to active Guide work their accounts are still there. In the meantime, most of those accounts have been locked down and require the 'retired' Guide to contact the Developer to restore them access to that account, thus preventing abuse of the Guide account. Many players have asked to be Guides and, since my beginning in the Guide program, the vast majority, probably over 85% of those applying, have been denied a position. The Developer checks into the background of such applicants both in game and in other methods to ensure the best possible Guides he can from the applicants he gets.

    I am sure if you ask your fellow tribe leaders around the game that have been active recently you will find that they get very prompt and complete support via the ticket system. As for Guide powers, there are multiple levels of Guide powers and it is not my place to go into the company's internal structure policies in this venue, but no Guide is given powers to do anything of note without proper training and a demonstrated responsible use of the powers they have. I can not speak to the distant past as I was not a part of the game at that time, but we have not had issues of that nature within the last year. The main complaint I have heard was that Guides were TOO HELPFUL to players.

    I do appreciate your concern for our behavior and the future of the game. I enjoy seeing players that actually care about the game as you apparently do. In this particular case, your information and basis of your statements is based on dated and no longer valid information.

    And yes, the developer questions section has been removed. Many small support changes of that nature have been made in the last few weeks to support the upcoming Steam release. The developer needs to ensure he has time to develop and not spend all of it in discussion with players or no forward progress on the game can be achieved.

    I hope this answers some of your concerns. Feel free to contact me with any specific issues you have and I will try to answer them for you. Again, thank you for both your concern about the game and its future as well as being a Survivor here in Xsyon. We do greatly appreciate your participation in the game.

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    a guide can only be as helpful as he will be asked for form a player. good that you was able to answere my questions in a rhetorical way, but i still dont see how a whole bunch of player who need support "in time" will be handled by almost no active " ingame" support. it was way better in the past. and i appreciate that people like mihr and sophia spend hours in the game just to help people. and we have 2 servers to handle now, which makes everything way more difficult.

    you didnt answere about events. there was 1 christmas event, without any broadcast, forum post, or something like that. it was not available for european players. why do events happen randomly without any anouncing now? becauze there are 5 player online at the same time, hey lets do a event!

    what about the tribes which block land and have no use. there is a totem and boulders on the old pvp arena 937/938
    another pvp arena in 978/979 (mrfixit)
    a tribe made by uriel in 1058 ( not sure but around cant be far from the border of this zone )
    floating area 978
    there are 2 pvp arenas ( or supposed to be pvp arena's ) on the "pve" server. if there will be any pvp event, founders have plenty of space to run it. most people play on pve couz they dont want to do any pvp anyway.

    no informations about the game, wiki is not even uncomplete, its almost empthy. nothing liked, no informations about anything plus a 2nd wiki page with false information. almost no player who is willed to give inforamtions or use the global chat, at least of those ppl who would know about. how will it works with no guides online, only if there was a ticket before.

    in the recruiting post of guides is asked for guides who help player to learn the basics and understand the game. we may have a tutorial, but even if you do all these things, you still have plenty of questions as a newbie.
    imo its not just putting a game on a big platform to get people come to the game, its also to keep them in the game. greenlight is running since almost 2 years and the game is not well prepared for a mass of players joining. junkpiles are stilled messed up,some are completely gone. mobs doe not work well, do not respawn in the place where they should, run in unavailable areas ourside the maps where players can hunt, run through buildings, trees and ignore surfaces. not enough ingame support from guides.

    you are focused on new features like ranged combat and stuff. i'd rather see stuff working and fixed instead of new stuff which cause new problems.

    your ticked system is "IMO" just a way to avoid the support and get less into that. i'm reporting bugs every day of which you would have take note when active ingame support would happen. player complain about stuff and do not want to spend extra time to open a ticket. this way most bugs do not even get reported.

    most of the player gets crashed by the metha buffer or whatever it calls, its a problem since years. jordi says there is no quick solution but that should be up on prioritys to fix such problems. a player who do not get guiding ingame and wants to search for a solution himself, or just want to do anything beside the game on desk just crash.

    anyway. i see a lot of things not working and arguments wont make them work. even if i appreciate your reply, there are a few things which are not well considered.
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    I understand and respect your point of view. There are issues still needing addressing and many others have been addressed. Ramps now work, items don't drop through floors nearly as often as they used to. Mob AI is still an issue and combat is going to get a complete overhaul, but that is not a one day or even a one week task.

    Events are scheduled and put out in advance in either posts on the forums or in some form of PR by the developer. Not all events seem to be and if it makes you feel any better, the person that ran the Christmas event is not from the US or EU. No, there are not a lot of events, I agree. No, they aren't targeted towards any time zone or continent. The truth of it is that the Guides are dealing with tickets and testing fixes to issues for the developer and spending hours running events for 3 people at a time then still having to deal with nothing but complaints about the events afterwards is just not really worth the time investment.

    There has been a major focus on fixing issues that are listed in the bug reporting area. Almost all of them, short of combat focused issues, have been rectified, provided the issue is understood by us and we can either recreate it or contact the person posting it for clarification.

    I am sorry your desires for Guide interactions are not in line with the developers. I do understand and we do have a wonderful community in game that does, normally, a very good job of supporting new players while trying hard to increase their tribe memberships. Also, there are many times a Guide will be online and not seen by players.

    The animals and the combat are definitely two areas that are set for overhaul and do greatly need work, I agree fully. That said, those areas have been identified and are being dealt with in the developer's timeline.

    I also agree that the key to the game's success is obviously retaining players. That has been and continues to be a primary motivation in all decisions made about the game. That is why there is a tutorial. That is why F2P went away. That is why many of the game mechanics are the way they are.

    I leave you with this questions my friend, how many Guides would it take to deal with the expected influx of Steam players to perform the support you wish? Even if EVERY active player in game now was up to speed and dependable and reputable enough to represent the company properly as a Guide, it wouldn't be enough to hold the hand of every new player once Steam releases. We have to allocate assets for support and development for the maximum impact and efficiency. Sitting in game waiting for someone to type 'help' isn't very efficient nor does it lend itself to keeping Guides in their roles. Remember, Guides aren't paid, we do what we do for the love of the game and because we want to improve the community.

    Thank you again for being a part of Xsyon, we are very happy you have returned to playing actively. Believe it or not, you players are what Xsyon is all about.

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    Pean, if you use the ? in the bottom right, you get a guide pretty fast. I'm not sure how you can say it was better before, when you didnt even use the ? to let them know you had any issue at all.

    I have to agree with Forcas. Having a guide sitting an chatting to let people know they are in game and hope that someone might have a problem.
    Second is there would be almost no tracking with the system of just chilling in chat.

    Every time I've used the ? I've had a guide reply back quickly.

    You also list a lot of issues that are not very correct.

    One is that the wiki is made by players, feel free to update anything you find out of date or wrong.

    See you in game, if you need help use the help option. (Bottom right ?)

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    please give me a response about the death guide tribes too. get a feedback with your team. 2 of those tribes are next to my place and i dont see any use in that. they do not block my claimed border or something. just blocking land. if they are not needed they could be removed, not?

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    I would like to apologize for my absence but this is a holiday and its family time for me my wife and child, and I do not log in. Family first. I will return after the new year and continue to be there to help with any issues. also i have been on in the past 10 days and when i checked in there were no help requests. Make sure to use the proper channels when trying to contact us as we check the help desk even if we are not currently in game. Happy holidays.

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    ddt, yes please explain me how to click on the button!
    was not my intention to say the wiki page is made by the dev, if it sounds like that. just that it does not keep many infos and a guide could additional help with informations. nvm!

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    In response to the guide generated tribe, they were supposed to have been removed a while ago, there were several others that were. The developer missed those, they are being removed. It is not the intention of the developer for Guides to run the game, it is for the players to do. And you are completely right, there is no need for PvP arenas on the PvE server. They are a legacy item from when the server was copied over from the PvP server and as an oversight not all had been removed.

    That is being revisited and dealt with. Hopefully, this time, all of the Guide tribes will be removed as they serve no purpose. Any Guide driven activity can and should be occurring on Founders. Thank you for the input Pwnuts, it brought our focus back to those tribes that we somehow missed. Please understand that the developer has an immense amount of tasks on his to do list and many of the things he must do are not readily visible to the players. For instance, all of the coding that was required to allow his game to be compatible as required with the Steam infrastructure. This all takes time and every bug, email from a player and other issue like missing carts and such, greatly detract from coding productivity.

    We greatly appreciate the quality input from you players and rest assured, we do read these things and take them into consideration in decision making processes.

    Thank you again for being a part of Xsyon.

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    The two pvp arenas have been used on the PvE server for the Halloween and a small creature versus player events, I, myself have done. The two spots were the Mrfixit area and the rock arena formally known as Apache.

    These have been removed as they are being duplicated in our event area we have setup.
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