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    Things to consider with the steam release

    First off, new players will be excited about joining us in this great Sandbox game!

    SO, please keep a few things in mind...

    New Players:

    There are many veteran players that can give you fine help in learning the game.
    Please take advantage of them. Ask anything you need in global using /y enter in the chat line.

    Also, you as new players do not know any of the politics or potential feuds that may be going on in game.
    Please check out any tribe you are interested in joining BEFORE you join one. Better yet, try your hand at a homestead first before joining any tribe, and learn the game for yourself and get used to those you interact with.

    Be suspicious of any tribe that tells you rumors about another that are negative, since you have NO way to know if they are true or not. This is especially true on the PVE server, since there is no place for such tactics.

    Look for other players that match your play style and hang out with them for a bit, go hunting, do some trading and see who feels right to you.

    To current players, especially veteran players:

    If you are on the PVP server play like you want, since this is the server for this. Pretty much anything goes, as long as you don't break the games rules.

    On the PVE server Its about cooperation with others, trading and building tribes and having fun. You can make a great name for yourself by what you do. Or you can make a bad name. Its up to each of us to choose.

    Here is to hoping that the steam release goes smooth and we have lots of new friends to make!

    Pawnee Tribe Leader, Supplier of Insight, Friend of all!

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    can't vote for "should be implemented" but i agree

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    barely new players will read forums before they start playing but i recommend to start a own tribe for the foirst days and see how everything works, have fun for the time you payed and enjoy exploring the game.

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