Yes why not its win/win situation here

i buy this game in pre release(dont remember many yr ago)
but i conclude dont worth pay moth , but why dont follow trend sandbox/craft ?

I sure alot guys going buy xsyon , enjoy for i think 60h and move on

Developers get money to keep develop game yea new influx
Players can login enjoy full game without concern subfees

and actual players enjoy new brand flux people to pvp and trade

How reward this guy pay years sub?
each 100 usd in subyou maybe can give free copy?
or since you change model to B2P in future ofcoruse have DLC or Expansion

to work with expansion example you release 1 expansion in 2015 but other 2016
all players get first expansion for free

to this idea work need 2 server

1- with lastest expansion - lock players to keep buy new expansions
2 - with old expansion - leave people dont decide yet buy or not last pack
well its bit idea