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    Feedback Request 01/05/2015 Bug Smashing

    The Test Server is open to the public to check a few minor bug fixes. I would like confirmation or feedback on the following issues:

    1) Other characters should display their correct vertical position when viewed. original issue here

    2) Harvesting plants should not allow you to harvest beyond your encumbrance limit. original issue here

    3) All Pioneer Wall and Corner recipes should display the correct name. original issue here

    4) Are there any trees still in the lake? original issue here

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    1/2/3 seems to work fine.

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    1-4 look good to me.

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    Is the test server running the war server image, as all I get when I log onto it is "new player".

    Does the no trees in the lake script also work on trees in rivers, as I have a few near me that are to deep to cut down.

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    congrtz XSYON 3rd position in mmo site votation

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