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    Lightbulb Possible Tribal Competition? Let Us Know What You Think!

    Dear Xsyonians!

    It's been quite some time since we've had a tribal competition here in Xsyon, and with the recent release of Xsyon to steam we're seeing more new faces and tribes than we have in a while! So with that we would like to ask you tribe leaders out there just how many of you would be willing to help us, the guide team, by building a pair of Capture the Flag forts on the PvP server? Now I know most of you play on the PvE server, but thats ok! Because your entry fees can be paid from either server, and the winner of the contest can claim thier prize on which ever server they want! So that means that those of you who play full time on PvE can revisit your PvP server tribes, tear them down and make some awesome forts for future Capture the Flag events, which if all goes well will have the same entry/prize server distribution!

    So with that let us know what you think, if we get enough interest then we'll move forward with setting up the contest next week, and don't worry we'll give you ample time and a set of guidelines to help you with your creations!

    Guide Israfel,

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    Quote Originally Posted by GuideIsrafel View Post
    Now I know most of you play on the PvE server
    indeed, and there was plenty of event ideas without pvp some time back. if i want to play capture the flag i can install UT2003 or such. guess its a reason why most ppl play on pve.
    veto for me

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    I can assure you that over the next few weeks we will have many events for both pve and pvp players. This is an event to help mingle the 2 servers and inspire creativity in those who love to build as so many pve players love doing.

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    Raven Moon tribe is a bit remote, but if we aren't too far out there for this type of event then I'm in. I've been trying to decide what to do with our tribe on PVP and this could be a lot of fun. If you could give us a better idea of what we are to build that would help. In other words I'm guessing that the Flag (whatever it may be) needs to be accessible and not behind locked gates and walls. Will all forts need to be same building type to keep things even, etc. Thanks, and looking forward to this event

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    Yes both forts would be semetrical. I haven't decided if there will be 2 flags or if there will be a center neutral flag. Im going to look for player feedback on that. But yes they will have to be simetrical so that no one has the advantage. And the tribes can be as remote as they like we will be teleporting players.

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    More details but sounds interesting. One hitch with competitive type events in the past has been players of different skill/ HP levels and balancing. If enough thought is used here it should be fun for all.

    Hmm, just a thought but what if there were 2 ways to win a reward? One for the 'best' build (to let just the PvE build people get recognized) and one for the actual competition (to recognize the PvP folks)?

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    We would like people to focus on making the build on pvp so it could be used for the games. But if it goes over eell enough we plan on doing more building competitions in the future. This will be functional and also allow players to hold thier own events. Also for the capture the flag game we plan on having an actual flag that acts like a large log on your back and slows you down considerably.

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    For those of you wondering why the pole was changed, it was going against what this topic was meant to be about. This thread is about those who "want" to participate in such a competition not those who do not. If you want to participate that is wonderful, if you don't then you don't have to but the topic is meant to gauge the interest of how many do. So please let us know if you want to participate, we still need a few more votes to make the prize pool worth the effort!

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    I think its a nice Idea with those FLAGS for Capture the Flag in Game! Those Flags are a wonderful idea also for other events!
    But a other idea to those FLAGS/CHEST/MAGIC STONE is:
    a.) design a simple small temple-house (small simple model) which each tribe can craft and place in her city
    b.) Those FLAGS (from the planned CAPTURE THE FLAG Events) the GM can now also place it around the world on nice places (with dangeruos NPC animals or epic REVENANTS)or as a RANDOM SPAWN IN THE WORLD!
    c. If you found those flags in the wilderness and bring it back to your City/tribe and lay it in the TEMPLE HOUSE you earn a random rewart example 10 extrem rare random resources(ore other things as books)
    The same thing also for the planned CAPTURE THE FLAG EVENTS!..If player are bringing a flag back to her startpoint and lay them into the TEMPLE-HOUSE the rewart from 10 extrem rare resources(or other random things) appears in the temple house storage and the flag diappears

    I think many many players on the PVE or PVP Server are now wanted play those EVENTS or found those FLAGS in the wilderness to earn extrem rare random resources or random BOOKS!
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    this reminds me to " do you vote for stalin? no. - then you are not allowed to vote. lol!!
    so if there are 6:2 negative votes the voting will be changed to only positive results, interesting kind of demecracy.

    seems to continue the architechture contest mihr was successful running a few times is not good enough enymore.

    I think many many players on the PVE or PVP Server are now wanted play those EVENTS or found those FLAGS in the wilderness to earn extrem rare random resources or random BOOKS!
    in a online world without npcs, where ppl have to gather and build up everything, there was already to much stuff given away from guides which is no supossed to be in the game. dont see a point to create more non-craftable items and unbalance the economy. same for recipes and such.

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