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    The Developer need to develope THREE 3d Models:
    - FLAG or a MAGICAL STONE(little Glowing) respawn random over the world/or the Capture the flag FLAG
    - CRAFTABLE TEMPLE HOUSE (with two storages)
    - CRAFTABLE STATIC AREA BUILDING/OUTPOST (area with size 0,3x0,3 miles or so) this can placed from players ONE TIME in a world for player created content without needed a second tribeflag.And (look idea with Capture the flag event) the STATIC AREA/OUTPOST 3D Model is also a place where ALLIANCE GUILDS can place also her TEMPLE HOUSE on it and we have a PVP alliance system in game

    i think MAGICAL STONE is better for the planned event CAPTURE THE FLAG and you can place those magical stone(green mist stone) also for random spawns in the world

    I think its a nice Idea with those FLAGS for Capture the Flag in Game! Those Flags are a wonderful idea also for other events!
    But a other idea to those FLAGS/CHEST/MAGIC STONE is:
    a.) design a simple small temple-house (small simple model) which each tribe can craft and place in her city
    b.) Those FLAGS/MAGICAL STONES (from the planned CAPTURE THE FLAG Events) the GM can now also place it around the world on nice places STATIC AREAS/OUTPOST (with dangeruos NPC animals or epic REVENANTS in the inner core with HUMAN BONES)or as a RANDOM SPAWN IN THE WORLD!
    c. If you found those flags/Magical Stones in the wilderness and bring it back to your City/tribe and lay it in the TEMPLE HOUSE you earn a random rewart example 10 extrem rare random resources(ore other things as books)
    The same thing also for the planned CAPTURE THE FLAG EVENTS!..If player are bringing a flag back to her startpoint and lay them into the TEMPLE-HOUSE the rewart from 10 extrem rare resources(or other random things) appears in the temple house storage and the flag diappears

    I think many many players on the PVE or PVP Server are now wanted play those EVENTS or found those FLAGS in the wilderness to earn extrem rare random resources or random BOOKS!
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    Next idea the TEMPLE HOUSE (craftable from each tribe)and her modular 3D model for the future
    __________________________________________________ _____________________________
    example Conceptscreen

    - a craftable TEMPLE HOUSE have two storages! One for the Enemys if they wanted destroy the TEMPLE HOUSE (they must put in the second storage 100? MAGICAL STONES (founded random spawned in the world) )
    -or the owner of the TEMPLE HOUSE can put in the first storage of her TEMPLE HOUSE MAGICAL STONES (founded random spawned in the world) and for each MAGICAL STONE which the player put in the storage the stone disappears and 10 EXTREM RARE RANDOM RESOURCES or BOOKS are now in this storage
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    EVENT "CAPTURE THE FLAG" with player crafted TEMPLE HOUSES which each tribe can build on this STATIC AREAS/ZONES!
    __________________________________________________ ___________________________________________
    -Each tribe who wanted play a CAPTURE THE FLAG Event can build on this two static areas if the STARTING TIMER is open!

    - When the STARTING TIMER is open all the PLAYER/TRIBES can build her MODULAR TEMPLE HOUSE and play now for this STATIC AREA SIDE!
    - If a FLAG/MAGICAL STONE is coming in one of this STATIC AREAS the reward of 10pieces of EXTREM RARE RANDOM RESOURCES or OTHER THINGS as BOOKS respawnt in each TEMPLE HOUSE which is placed in this ZONE/STATIC AREA
    - if the EVENT/STARTING TIMER is at th end (after 1 or 2 hours) all the tribes can remove the resouces/rewards from his TEMPLE HOUSE and the STATIC AREA despawn/destroyed all the builded TEMPLE HOUSES and is clear for the next CAPTURE THE FLAG Event
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    TERRITORY CONTROL all over the world


    - over the world on nice places are from GAMEMASTER builded walls/Castles/OUTPOST with an open place which all the tribes can close with her own crafted TEMPLE HOUSES (Modular 3D Model)

    - in this inner core of the OUTPOST/STATIC AREAS (3d Model?) from GAMEMASTERS created are many highend REVENANTS with BONES FROM HUMANS if you loot the dead REVENANTS

    - GUILDS/TRIBES/PLAYER now have two rewards:
    a.) by building a TEMPLE HOUSE on the open place of the CASTLE/OUTPOST and putting in MAGICAL STONES and as reward the EXTREM RARE RANDOM RESOURCES or BOOKS
    b.) and the REVENANTS in the inner core of the CASTLES/OUTPOST where the REVENANTS can be killed and looted for RARE HUMAN BONES and if they respawned the can killed again and again HUMAN BONES

    c.) each TRIBE/GUILD/PLAYER can capture also this STATIC PLACES if they destroy other GUILDS/TRIBES TEMPLE HOUSES (100? MAGICAL STONES in the second storage) and build then her own TEMPLE HOUSE to close again the open place of this STATIC PLACES/OUTPOST

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    The next IDEA for Player driven LIVING WORLD is to found random spawned MAGICAL STONES and can stack it to 500? pieces and can travel then to the STARTING CITY FOUNDERS ISLAND each Saturday/or each day to same time where a GAMEMASTER/DEALER is standing as a global trader.
    players can now trade with GAMEMASTER and can exchange this 500 pieces MAGICAL STONE for BOOKS/RESOURCES/RECIPES/WEAPON/ARMOR and so on!

    BUT...ITS DANGER TO TRAVEL ALLONE!!...ENEMYS are waiting and can loot you if you die!!

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    This idea with the 3D Models is for PVE SERVER and PVP Server!

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