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    Post Timed Team Battle Event - 1/21 & 1/22

    Greetings Survivors!

    On Wednesday the 21st (Peace) and Thursday the 22nd (War) (Teleports to the event arena will begin between 8-8:30pm EST)
    We will be hosting a timed team battle, and this is how it works:

    1/2 the vets on Red Team and 1/2 on Blue Team.
    1/2 the new players on Red Team and 1/2 on Blue Team.

    - I will spawn a creature with adjusted stats based on team size and strength.

    - The first team will start when I yell "GO" and the timer starts

    - As soon as the creature falls, the timer will stop.

    - The 2nd team will do the exact same thing to the exact same creature.

    (We may have to do a few trial runs with the creatures. The point of this is not to have the creature kill off the entire team, but it needs to present a challenge to the players.)

    The first place team members will receive their choice $1500 in-game dollars or a Grand Master Leather Helm 100QL

    The second Place team will receive their choice of $500 in-game dollars or a Mentor's Leather Helm 100QL

    I hope to see many of you out there. Events are good places to meet new people and bring players from opposite sides of the map together. And as always, food and drink will be provided.

    If you plan on attending, please leave a reply below. I will also post in global chat when the teleporting starts.

    Best regards,

    Guide Rashnu
    Xsyon Guide Team
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    Fake event

    please no more FAKE EVENTS (in pvp server somo ppl waiting and event not sucess .and any 1 explanation about for guide............................................

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