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    Question about building areas.

    As a new player, is it possible with enough work to build something bigger then a house, or can you only build on your 'protected land' from your totem.

    Is there any mechanism to allow solo players to build up areas, possibly unprotected, but still able to put down structures near there totem to expand parts of a homestead.

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    You can not build outside a tribe area nor can you terraform. You can move your totem around (replacing a totem costs nothing) every 6 hours.
    Removing a totem will leave the old area open to be dismantled by anyone and fully lootable.

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    I was trying to build on the test server yesterday and when I moved my totem every ghost I was trying to get mats for disappeared. 5-6 hours down the drain (Xsyon can test his own shit after that). So I do not know if that is just on test server but do not move your totem it will just cause headaches for you. Build on your little piece of land, it is you best idea.

    Here is an Idea....Lets us move the totem around a bit for terraforming purposes or to get the property lines moved a few meters one way or another.

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    There is a new thing on test server where only YOU (and your tribe) can see ghost projects. So moving the totem caused this issue, and you should report it as such.

    This is why there is a test server. You want to get things like that fixed before going live and missing them. Also if you need mats on test server let me know I will let you play around in a big playground with a LOT of resources to play with.

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    I hadn't put any mats in yet and didn't know about the new tribe thing. Now I know, thanks. Doesn't sound like a bug sounds like I didn't read patch notes
    Not a bad Idea, will make all unsightly ghost projects go away and help the views.

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    I'm a homesteader, so like you I have the 25m by 25m square chunk of land to work with, yet despite all of the building work I've done and all of the storage, and the farm, I still have a large empty area in it that I haven't a clue what to do with, it's large enough for me to be testing the working Banaya BP's over on the test server, gone five stories up so far.

    Dabent like you I don't like the missing shadows either, far to many dead tribes out there where people have stripped the wanted MATs and left the shadows behind, on the test server all you now see is the dirt mounds left behind after terrain reversion and anything that didn't have MATs they wanted, you have to get up close to see the pegs and rope.

    Atm only around 10 of the Banaya BP's actually work with the new system, so building anything else is pointless, purely because the collision detection on everything else is screwed, a simple example is a banaya mat floor and a banaya 2x4x4 ramp, move the ramp over the floor and lower it onto the floor, it will rest on top of the floor, now try that with any other combination of floors and ramps, closest you'll get is roughly 1.5 meters.

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