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    Twilight- New Tribe Welcoming New Players

    We are a small tribe formed late Jan. 2015 comprised of members within their first month of playing, building and learning together as a team. Perfect for those wanting to experience building up a tribe from begining.

    Send whisper in game to Tempest or Merci

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    you guys build a nice place up there. looks great, keep going. hope a lot of new players will join you to have another big community close

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    Thank you very much!! We've decided to keep the tribe selective, around a 10 member clan. We've got a few more spots open, perfect for those new to Xsyon looking for guidance and/or seeking a tribe where they dont feel overwhelmed or insignificant by a larger tribe. We are in zone 978 just up river from Elite tribe.

    Whisper in game (/w) to Tempest, Koal or Merci

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    well, if you cahnge your mind you should move your totem a bit, since you'd be blocked by tribes around.

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    We'll cross that bridge when we get there :P

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