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    Team Navigation Event!

    Team Navigation Event!

    February 4 Wednesday 10 AM PST (Peace Server)
    February 5 Thursday 10 AM PST cancelled due to lack of interest

    Greetings Survivors! We would like to Invite you to join our first ever
    Team Navigation Event. During the course of this event you will not only
    be tested on your ability to find locations around the map with speed but
    also how well you work as a team. Teams will be met with challenging
    terrain, wild animals, and the ever need for food,water and rest.

    How the challenge works.
    Players will form 2-3 man teams. (one vet per team would be preferred).
    All teams will then be summoned to a predetermined location for the start
    of the event.
    At the start of the race a set of coordinates will be provided to the
    first check point.
    Players will Navigate to the noted area to find a cart labeled with the
    next set of coordinates. In the cart will be a prize for the first team
    that claims it. Each check point will be done in this manner.
    Teams must be together for each leg of the race and when crossing the
    finish line to Win and claim the large prize.
    NOTICE: It will be up to the team to split any earnings from the
    checkpoints how they wish. Please discuss this before starting with your
    team. Guides will not be responsible for how you share winnings.

    Please register your teams here if you wish to play. I will allow a short
    time in game for last moment teams to form before the race.
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    Thanks all for playing. Congratulations Pean and tempest on your win and to our runners up laughingoak and charon

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