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  • Add a tooltip to both?

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    Lightbulb Tooltip for stats / skills

    heya everyone..

    so I've played Xsyon for a couple of weeks now and I'm really loving it...
    I've gotten alot of help getting started, and gotten alot of questions answered.. but something's been bothering me slightly

    and thats when i mouse - over stats and skills.. i'm really missing a tooltip that briefly explains which is related to what.. it doesn't have to be on both, either is fine,

    for example if it was supposed to be on stats, then when you mouse over intelligence for example it'll briefly explain what skills is related to intelligence both primary and secondary stats..

    I emagine it would be extremely useful for newer players aswell as older players who hasn't wrapped their heads around the skill system 100% yet.. that said, the skill system aswell as the crafting system is really well made awesome job, and i've had a chance to go over some of the new skills you guys plan to implement in the future, and all i can honestly say is that i can hardly wait.. alot of them look interesting.

    Awesome job guys..

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    i've posted on the idea at the end of that link aswell now, thanks Pwn...

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    Many things need tooltips I agree, this would be helpful.

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