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    02/06/2015 - Creatures Desynch

    This thread is for feedback on creature and combat 'desynch' only.

    Desynch is explained well in this post provided by a player (thank you to Wastelandstoic)

    When changes have been made to address desynch, I will post here.
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    For anyone inclined to give feedback on this issue this is a great post from PoE forums on desynch.

    I know we at Raven Moon have experienced this in the past when a group of 4 of us were in combat with a large mutant bear. We would step in for an attack and immediately step back out of range, there would be a slight delay and then we would discover that when we stepped in we had been hit twice by the bear in the time that only one attack should have occurred. For the most part in combat with creatures is the only time I have experienced desynch.

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    When we build arch structures and move them around (the ghost structure) inevitably after moving them a little ways we get the message "no object selected on move" and have to reselect it, sometimes many times while moving, this would be an issue with desynch as well would it not?

    I know this is a bit removed from creature AI and combat but it might be a way to gauge overall improvement to the code handling of desynch IF it is managed the same way in all instances..?

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    Thanks for that link. It explains the factors I am dealing with well.

    The issue with losing focus while moving buildings is unrelated to desynch and is based on the timing between various threads on the client side.

    So in your experience, the only desynch you've had is having multiple hits from a creature at once, correct?

    Does anyone else have input on visible desynch in combat?

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    Understood and yes, that's correct.

    Thank You.

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    I remember back when fighting Dang...i was caught off guard and instead of fighting i chose to run since i was specced in speed. Dang was also fast but on my screen i was faster and yet seeing that i was out of reach of his shovel, i was still getting hit. I never asked him what his latency was but i beleive he had a faster connection.

    Now if you tryed to fix this with behind the scenes stabilazation, then the server would lagg a bit more and one of the complaints over the years has been to optimize and make the servers faster.

    I know you are not that much into pvp but if pvp were to come back into play this is a game breaker for those that have slower connections. those with faster connections would always be op even if they has poor gear.

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    Delays in actions or combat while a zone is loading and discrepancies between player positions when players are moving at high speed will be hard to deal with right now.

    I'm going to focus on regular creature 'desynch' (if there is a noticeable issue) first.

    It sounds like the primary 'desynch' issue is the possibility of multiple attacks occurring at once or in rapid succession. I don't think this is actual desynch but a problem with the creature combat timers.

    I'm going to work on issues that I'm aware of and will post again when I have more specific questions or a build ready for testing.

    Thanks for the feedback so far.

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    This is what I experience with combating animals, when I charge right hand full charge, then release, it should hit the target, about 70% is a miss, even if I am close enough to my target, also when I release my charged right hand and push my right mouse to charge it again then my previous charge is canceled-out following with a miss.
    And some times creature can sprint even with low energy.

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    [Moved from other thread by Guide Forcas]

    I think to fix the desync with players/mobs you should increase the hit box. Small animals are a bit to small, med animals working well. Large animals like Shadowbear is way to small for it's size.

    I like the fix of rocks.

    I don't think we should go back to the 2 stat system again, I think it would make things confusing for many people, with almost no real gain.
    I would like to see color coded stat system like metal/cloth etc has, let people know they have something rare or uncommon or epic etc. Makes them feel better, and easier to understand.

    I would like to see aged/aging animals work better without making them take near as long as they do now, but not insta spawn in that zone either after killed.
    I think make it like a limit of 1 to 3 max powers per zone, and any time one is killed in that zone it has a 1 hour respawn timer and set at .80 power and takes 1 to 2 Xsyon days to grow to 1.0 power.
    This way prevents people from farming 1 area only for insta pops, but also allows hunters of higher skill level to roam around the map and actually find something worth while to fight and have some combat often.
    Right now as a skilled hunter I'm pretty much screwed on the system as if I want the top tier animals I'm not allowed to kill anything as they "could" in theory grow up to be 1.0 power. So I spend most of the "hunting" time running around in hope of finding the mythical 1.0 power animal and maybe have 1 to 2 fights a day. Very bad system for anyone that likes combat/hunting.

    I would like to see a group option to show me where they are on the mini map, group chat, and even maybe group combat details near by.
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