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    Cool get back some old events

    i'd like to see more events running which was well accepted in the past and fair for new and old players. there are a bunch of courses on founders which could be used for events again. some was kinda difficult and a lot of fun.

    also a skinning event where you have to bring only the feet ( which cant fail at any lvl? ) of small critters. new players get 3 points per feet, vet players get 1 per feet, to balance it. maybe a good solution for the easter rabbits we have since eastern is getting close.

    hunting / team hunting events.

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    I fully disagree with vet vs newbies.
    If there is issue with that, allow 2 contests and people can choose which to join, but can only join 1. Where 1 is harder than the other.

    The trade fair is ok, but I would rather see players do these instead of guides. Nothing really stopping a player from running this event, and also the trade fair was stopped for many reasons.

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