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    How do I Try This Game Before I Buy

    Hi everyone,

    I just found out about this game about an hour to go off of a list of free-to-play MMORPGS. I installed and patched the game only to find out that the game is not free-to-play at all and that I have to shell out $30US to even get a look at it.

    I would like to try the game out to see if it's a game I enjoy or another one of the thousands of MMORPGS that I can't stand for more than 5 minutes.

    I am told there are free accounts available
    but there are no instructions on my account page on how to access it what so ever.

    How do I try before I buy?



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    Free trial is no longer available with Xsyon. If you buy the game $25-30 (see Steam) you do get 30 days game time. You could consider this a 'trial time'.

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    Good to know, thanks everyone.

    I agree with Dorsie that there should be some kind of 14 day trial. 1 day of playing a game is probably enough time to see if I am going to like it, or if I am going to play it for 15 minutes and be like, well this game sucks, that was a waste of money. Steam want's me to pay $32.99, but I have found other 3rd party retailers selling steam keys for less than $20, I guess I will risk the money and hope that I enjoy it.

    After I pay for the game is subscription mandatory, or does it just enable premium features. I don't really mind either way, the game is just really unclear about what kind of game it is (does it have class system, lvl system etc.), and whether it is pay-to-play or free-to-play.

    Thanks again!

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    Not sure how its unclear, but it does have a subscription with premium features. If you do not pay for the sub, you lose out on a few things. Mostly your skills are locks to 30.

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    @MrDDT Many youtube clips lists Xsyon as a free to play game, which was ... true(ish) for a while. When viewers then come here to download the game confusion kicks in which might lead to frustration.

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    Very true didn't think of that. I forget that when people sign up they rarely read anything on the website they are signing up with, or trying to buy the game.

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