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    03/03/2015 Feedback Request - Bug Fixes

    The following bugs should be fixed and require confirmation. Currently the fixes are on the Test Server only.

    1) Containers with items should not be able to be placed inside another container (using any method). Original bug report here

    2) Allied items on trade totems should properly be removed when an ally tribe disbands or removes its trade totem. Original bug report here

    3) Food moved to a container on the ground, in a building or in a cart while eating the food should properly be updated to remove a count or completely remove the food item. Original bug report here

    4) Correct icons for the Bransford cloth armor set patched. Original bug report here

    If you can confirm that these bugs are fixed or can still reproduce the problems please post.


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    1) is fixed in the way the player explained it. i dont know another way except the one which was fixed long time back already.

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