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Thread: Hello Xsyon

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    Hello Xsyon

    Hello everyone. Just started this game few days ago. I must say it is a really amazing game and I would like to carry on playing if not one issue.. Am I the only one on war server? Its been two days now and I did not see a soul . If you guys still active please reply to this post so i can have a hope to meet you . PS don't kill me I am new here. Anyway, brilliant game. I have been waiting for something like this since Ultima Online.

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    there are not much player active on the PvE server. PvP have some more population atm i think.

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    Hey Pwnuts.. Thanks for reply. In this case i chose good server .

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    why? its not a single player game. and pvp is not very balanced. there are player who worked on their skills for a couple of years, with 200+ hp. its really hard to atch up for a new player and get a chance to do any pvp.

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    I just hope that more and more new players will be joining Xsyon and together we could stand against these old settlers . If not i will just carry on until I will be able at least to run away lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pwnuts View Post
    there are not much player active on the PvE server. PvP have some more population atm i think.
    Pwnuts said this backwards.

    PVE server is more active than the PVP server. You might want to check out the PVE server instead of the PVP server.

    "Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win."

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    hi gosiukas
    our clan "A Better Tomorrow" is active on the pvp server.In the moment i work for the event PAIUTE WAR 1860 and all the new player are helping me on MYSTERY ISLAND!..So they can also learn to play and are not alone in the big world.!
    Come to the zone 819 coord 1008/406
    I would collect all the new player on a central point where they can learn before they go in to the world

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    I already found you Whorlok. I am ZipJoint . And thanks for replies everyone.

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