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    new construction questions.

    I'm not active in Xsyon but I may return.

    How many stories is 40 meters? imo, the more the better. Further, Screw realism and I don't care if someone else makes something ugly.

    How much of an overhang can you make with the cantilever trusses? imo, floating houses are cool!

    How big of a building base can I make? Would it be possible to make a one big building covering a homestead? I think that would be a 50x50 square meter building base.

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    1 = 4m
    10 = 40m

    and yes you can make a building which covers a homestead. same as before.

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    Just as Pwnuts said. The max height is 10 stories and yes, whatever you can fit in that area goes. Fill it up or put a tiny tent in the middle. It's your call!

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    resubbed , I gotta try this out.

    I guess I'll have to play with supports, floors, and cantilevers to figure out what kind of "floating" construction is possible.

    Xsyon, can't you be better than Wurm Online? Its possible to do 15 stories there.

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    Welcome back! Glad to have you....
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    What about existing floating structures?

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    Prim, the developer news explained how existing floating structures will be handled.

    On another subject, tribes on water should be possible!

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