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    FEATURES of XSYON in short messages

    today COOKING in Xsyon without limit!

    1. a cookbook to save a rare recipes or mix what only you have found with your own name!

    2. Cooking: want you calculate how many combination with meat from different animals, 30-50 different plants,resources,and different items from farming!
    with stats gain or healing..or energy win..and so on

    3. Food quality are higher from quality of resources and tools!

    I wanted not calculate!...100000 or 1000000?
    Found a epic recipes and save it with your name in the cookbook! Only you have this!!

    3. and realistic decay of the food! after many days the food is bad and you cant eat this more!
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    salt is currently not used in cooking

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    - each job you can level it to 100. But its not the end..if you make your job more and more you earn more recipes! or you can found in different zones of the world by scavening on scrapyards.But it is RARE!!

    each player can not learn the same things in this jobs.So you nned more Crafter with the same job

    - stats from each job needs also be high to become the best things

    -all what you are doing grows your skills

    - you are restry..and so on then this skill want be higher with time

    - each skill have her own stats

    - you can manage the skill.Behind each skill you can set this
    a.) + this skill lost no skill if you are doing this job no more.he can only go UP

    b.) - this skill lost with time skills and this FIRST. He can only go DOWN

    c.) LOCK SYMBOL this symbol on a skill then the skill lost nothing and do also not grow!

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    Your Guild want Play a POSTMAN Company? Xsyon no Problem!
    The world is big! You must travel from south to North world in many hours and each tribe sells crafted things!
    you can find the lowest Prices of all the things if you travel direct to other Citys!
    Each Guild/Tribe can build many TRADETOTEMS on other tribes/guilds on the other side of the world.They can sell crafted things on her own TRADETOTEM or give Infos for other Player on a second TRADETOTEM Standing beside your Alliance!Tribes/guilds can also sell things on the second trade totem or Player who want BUY anything found on the second tradetom on which Coordinates you sell those things!
    A POSTMAN tribe can travel to other tribes and bring this things then to you for a amount of Dollar!
    Again!...its the next unique Feature of XSYON

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    Next unique Feature in XSYON...Questtotems!
    Each tribe/guilds can build a QUESTTOTEM in her City!..Each Player of this City can then create quest for other Players!
    in Moment COLLECT,CRAFT,HUNT and this future evolved with time!
    You hate all the static quest in other MMO?
    Then create with your phantasy unique quests for other Player! They earn then Skillpoints without grinding!
    You can set time..reward..make a complete campain or follow quests where Player must travel to other Points of the open world!
    Be the best QUESTMASTER in the Future!

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