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    Exclamation Colosseum Event!

    On Sunday July 5th we will be holding an event in our new Colosseum in the event zone on the PVE server.

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    During the event players will face off against creatures of varying powers both normal and mutant! There will be a tournament to see who can take down the most powerful creatures in single combat, there will be a headhunting section of the event where different creature are set loose in the arena and the players to bring back the creatures heads will receive a bounty for that head, and finally there will be a group battle where our guides will set loose one of the most powerful mutant creatures in the game for all to try and take down! Don't be afraid to come out even if your not the most combat oriented player there will be creatures of all sizes and powers and plenty of loot for everyone, especially with all the new architecture Blueprints from the last few big updates don't grind them out come and play with us and win them! Not to mention that all the animal parts are free to take home once you've made the kill and there will be some power 1 creatures for sure!

    So clear your calendar for Sunday July 5th, 12:00 PM PST. The event will likely last anywhere from 1-2 hours, and bring your best gear your going to need it!

    Guide Israfel,
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    A great build Is, that looks sharp! Sounds like fun, I will definitely try to make it.

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    is there a fixed time already?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pwnuts View Post
    is there a fixed time already?
    Yes it's right there in the post Sunday 12PM PST

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    This is a nice event, Ive been to one before and it lasted hours.

    one of the time consuming things is players skinning all their kills.

    Also may I suggest splitting the event so that new players dont have to compete against players
    of much higher skills and stats, only a suggestion but imo its not fair for new players to compete against
    much older toons.


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    Very nice event !
    We should definitely do that again

    Sand surface was not optimal and i suggest the same sark said.
    Sunday in EU is not optimal cause of work next day, Saturday would be a better for me.
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    Yes, enjoyed the event. Thanks to Israfel for his time in hosting it!

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