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    Basket Hunt Event!

    Dear Xsyonians!

    This Friday March 20th I will be hosting a basket hunt on both the PVE and PVP servers. Each server will two events per server so as to try to include everyone in different time zones. The times are as follows:

    PVE: 12PM & 8PM EST
    PVP: 1PM & 9PM EST

    For those of you who have not had the time to learn some of the new Architecture Blueprints, some of the baskets will include them so come out and join in! For those that live far away from the even zones don't worry this time we will be porting everyone to a starting zone to give everyone a chance to join in! So if you enjoy free loot just show up and keep your eyes open!

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    Thanks for the events tonight. These events are one of the reason both me and my wife enjoy Xsyon.

    Can't wait till the next one!

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    So whatever happened to this event because I think I just found one of them baskets on the PvP server, zone 777?

    Event 2 Prize 2
    Property of GuideIsrafel

    2 Shadow Bear Round Bones Supreme Quality 100
    Winema Viper Axe Supreme Quality 101
    Wooden Kama Supreme Quality 101
    Blueprint: Mason Cantilever 4x4
    Blueprint: Mason Truss 4x4

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    Yes that was a basket no one ever found, so ts yours to keep!

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    Thanks. I wonder if there are more baskets not found...

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