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Thread: Tents on floors

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    Tents on floors

    Is it possible to build tents on a floor, that has been built on top of a truss (or something else)?

    It did no work for me, but maybe I did something wrong.

    If no, then I would recommend, that this should be implemented. It would be nice to build tents on platforms, on upper levels of buildings, in tree houses, ...

    The same goes for Canopies.

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    You might want to look at this thread:

    Currently, you can place buildings on top of floors on trusses. If you want these below a truss, you have to place the truss last and raise it above the building then lower it into place on the floor.

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    What he said. However, if you did place a truss above a truss and want to place something between the two you can face outside the truss and build the new building in the open air...then slide it backwards between the two trusses. I learned that the hard way.
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    The problem is, that the tent on top of the ghost truss and the ghost floor is red (position invalid) , while the floor is yellow. Will it still work although it is red now, or is something wrong.

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    Complete the truss and the floor first, then you should be able to complete the tent.

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    Unfortunately it still does not work. See screen shot

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Or do I need 2 floors next 2 each other?

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    Tents and Tee-Pees are for outside and on the ground only, only a couple of them actually get supported by floors, but none of them can be put inside a truss or under a roof.

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    So glad the new building update didn't remove building options.

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