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Thread: Tents on floors

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bejaymac View Post
    Tents and Tee-Pees are for outside and on the ground only, only a couple of them actually get supported by floors, but none of them can be put inside a truss or under a roof.
    Can you name one (or several ones) that are supported by floors?

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    there wont be any tent or tepee work with those. you already tried the smallest one on your screen.

    lol @ ddt.

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    Hello everyone,

    I posted this in another thread, but it's worth repeating:

    I will look into 'relaxing' current restrictions. As long as they don't cause problems (as the past trick system did) it can be allowed.

    Buildings should be able to be placed on top of floors without a problem. Fitting them within large trusses, if there is space to allow for them without overlap shouldn't be a problem.

    This will be worked on further.
    All buildings 'should' be able to be placed on floors as long as their corners are supported. It's likely that the building placement bounds need to be revised. I did test placing buildings on floors and didn't have any issues. Further adjustments to the placement functions were made, however, to accommodate other requests made by players and I did not personally test all placement situations afterwards.

    I will look into this and it will be corrected.

    Please continue to post architecture feedback in the discussion thread here


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    I noticed you need to use the "snap to ground" option on a finished floor. This will cause the tent to snap to a elevation that you can't achieve with the up-down placement arrows. It looks pretty clear from that picture that the tent needs to go down but i'm guessing the placement tool won't let you do it. Try the snap thing.

    I put a chief tent on floors and at least some of it is under a roof. My floors are on ground.

    The floors in this picture are at height 494.5.

    @ Xsyon...We can properly support floors with a single base post in the middle. In this situation will it not be possible to place rooms ontop of such supported floors?

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    Hi Anon386,

    Is that on the Test Server or a live server?

    On the Test Server (and for the next patch) you should be able to place any 'rooms' on floors as long as the corners are supported.

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    Looks like the bottom of the roof is 4 meters up and being supported by base posts, so that would allow the tents under it.

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