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Thread: well... wow

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    well... wow

    searched everything I could about this game for about 2 hours today, and all in all my only negative is not knowing about it earlier...

    Haven't found an MMO I liked since Asheron's Call in 1999, this looks like something that'll have my attention for awhile though. There is a LOT of features covered in this game that i had given up hope of ever seeing in an MMO, really looking forward to seeing how this all works out.

    Just pre-ordered lol, doubt I'll be in game before launch but at least it'll save me a little bit of time on launch day lol

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    Re:well... wow

    Well, they said all preorders will get early access... And I know what you mean

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    Re:well... wow

    I was glad I found it to for the same reasons as well. Welcome aboard!

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    Re:well... wow

    a bribe maybe....hmmmm due to current assets/liabilities this might be rough...

    I will provide $2.00 or 8 reese cups to any Xsyon employee that can get me in game, I know what your thinking, and yes i said EIGHT reese cups! I also have some soda bottle caps that have these weird strings of numbers and letters on them which im sure means they are worth alot. I'll throw them in as a bonus if my requirements are met within the next 8.36 seconds.






    fine print: reeses, 2 dollars, and bottle caps not guarenteed. It would make me happy though.

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    Re:well... wow

    hahaha humour love it

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    Re:well... wow

    Humor? I assure you sir that is a legitimate offer....


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    Re:well... wow

    How about 9 reeses?

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    Re:well... wow

    9??!...gettin greedy are we?

    fine I'll call BoA and move some money around...

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    Re:well... wow

    Xsyon wrote:
    How about 9 reeses?
    9 Reeses and 3 Hostess Lemon Pies...and 10 M&M's.

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    Re:well... wow

    I might be able to throw in a Steven Seagal Lightning Bolt energy drink...Asian experience flavor.

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