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    General curiosity about the game.

    Greetings and Salutations everyone,

    So, I have just some general inquiries about the game. I love crafting/survival games, it's kind of a new thing for me as usually I stick to more traditional RPG type games, but I've been playing a lot of these types of games lately, and am just looking for one I can play for the long haul, and to be frank I am getting quite sick of the whole zombies/mutants type thing. I don't mind if they exist, but I would rather focus on crafting/survival than on killing a million zombies.

    This game looks pretty great, and I currently have the money that I could buy it, so I'm wondering about the basics. If I wanted to be, lets say, a farmer/fisherman type person, is that possible? Or do you have to focus mostly on combat? What is the building/crafting system like in general? Similar to minecraft/7 days to die? Or something different?

    Also, how is the population? I notice on Steam there are only a handful of people playing, BUT I know this game hasn't been on steam for all that long, so that may not accurately reflect the playerbase. I've played a few older MMO type games, and a dead game is not really all that fun (A tale in the desert comes to mind).

    Anyway, those are pretty much my questions, any other information/advice would be very much appreciated. Thank you so very much for any help, and maybe I'll see you soon in game. Cheers.

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    The population is more than steam says but not much more. Less than 100 people active at any moment.
    Crafting and building are the main things about Xsyon, so no worries about combat. You really never have to do combat if you don't want.
    PvE server is more popular than PvP server and the PvP part of the game doesn't work well.
    This game is nothing like the other zombie games out like 7 days or H1Z1. So no fear there, it is much more RPG and a community and not a bunch of of jerks trying to wreck your world or kill you.
    Farmer and Fisher is possible but likely you will want to do more. Like building or tool crafting.

    "Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win."

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    Thank you for the information, I will consider it. 30 dollars plus a sub seems like quite a bit for a game that is so small population wise, however what I've seen on youtube and such looks very promising. I'm just afraid of another The Repopulation, which has potential, but is unplayable at the moment.

    And I suppose the low population wouldn't bother me if it is a good community. I am getting that the community is good? Like not full of a bunch of angry ragers who dislike new people?

    Anyway, I appreciate the information, I truly do, and maybe I'll see you in game sometime.

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    In Xsyon you get experience for what ever actions you do, so if you fish you get better at fishing, farm you get better at farming. You do not need to kill things to advance, but it helps if you want to live in a high danger area.

    Advice: forage over grass; scavenge over junk; mallet = hammer; rats are not the lowest level critter, start combat with chickens and hamsters; revenants that wave at you are not really friendly; if you have a question ask in universal chat "/y " space necessary.

    The community is helpful and friendly. Some might say the players are more mature than in other games, however a more accurate description would be "old but silly."

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    Thanks for the information, guys. I just purchased the game, and will at least give the first 30 days a shot. Hope to see you all in game, and again, I appreciate the advice. Cheers.

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