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    Screens "Paiute War 1860" Building

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    now many new and old people are helping on the PVP Server to build the four tribes
    here are the actualy stand of the building!

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    update 15.03.2015
    The first walls are ready created..1000 of Mortar and 10000 of granit from the new players collected

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    UNITED STATES ARMY Armor 1860: (the past time repeated in XSYON Style)
    __________________________________________________ ________________
    The first soldier are in training! With the best SUPREME Leather Armor (rules: only complete sets captured from enemy players gives the access to the inner core of the GOLDMINE TRIBE! )

    you need this Resourcen do be a part of th UNITED STATES ARMY NORTH
    __________________________________________________ ____________

    -Quality minimal PREMIUM or the best SUPREME with your wanted STATS

    8 Nails
    80 Rivets
    8 Buckle
    2 Plastic Sole
    3 Small Plate
    76 Leather
    4 Cloth Fabric
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    The first step is done!...Fort Churchill for the UNITED STATES ARMY the structur is ready and can improved in the future from the players!
    Now in work PAIUTE INDIAN City:
    The inner core with the tent from NUMAGA the leader from the Indian

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    kannst du in zukunft bitte die "miniaturansicht für foren" benutzen. der link wird nach dem uploads von der seite zur verfügugn gestellt. jedesmal wenn man deine screen anklickt um sie zu vergrößern kommt man auf die hauptseite. wäre hilfreiche!

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    SIR...jawohl SIR ...

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    PAIUTE INDIAN City update:
    ist a small City..but with time if the tribe have new member the radius grows and the Player can then build or improve a nice City for the Indian!

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    The Indian City now would be ready builded from REZ and Zip and i have begun with building now the GOLDMINE City!..But..i would not make many Pictures!..I have found many GOLDNUGGET and thieves can capure this place!! ...
    (DO NOT CLICK INSIDE THE the biggest sreen .. )

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    The next step!..terraforming of the GOLDMINE:
    (DO NOT CLICK INSIDE THE the biggest sreen .. )

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    GOLDMINE Update 23.03.2015:
    The two houses for each army to the inner core are 90% ready as Ghost Buildings!..This week we want build it ready then the last City "MYSTERY" is on list!
    After this the rules we want complete and all the tribes can contact the ARMY LEADER and build there her trade totem on this Citys!...Be the first who sells resourcen,Armor,weapon and so on on the GREATEST AUCTION PLACE and OUEST PLACE around the world!

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