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    04/24/2015 Architecture Part Feedback

    Please post any feedback or issues with the Architecture Part Patch here.

    This patch is pretty straightforward, so I don't expect any issues. Just in case, any problems with the new parts can be posted here.


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    So far so good!

    Its going to take a good bit more finesse to place the railings right but I really appreciate your putting them in!

    NOW I can finish my bridge!!

    Pawnee Tribe Leader, Supplier of Insight, Friend of all!

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    I was able to complete my step pyramid project after the patch. Several ramps and platforms that had been supported by trusses prior to the patch needed support beams. I was able to move the beams through the ghost projects easily, but it was hard to target them to complete once they were in place. This shouldn't be a problem in the future as the beams will go down first.
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    Every time I log in some of the parts that were green yesterday are red today. Has happening the last 3 or 4 times I have logged in. A part is good one day but not the next. I also have to move a few things into NEW positions that were good the day before.

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    Beams collide differently 8x8 trusses than 4x4 trusses. The valid/pending position for a beam is 3.7-3.8 m above an 8x8 truss (support beam is imbedded within the cross beams of the truss). For a 4x4 truss, the valid position is +4 m. To span between 8x8 and 4x4 trusses, the trusses have to be at different levels. Spanning 4x4 trusses with beams then laying floors on top means the floors on the beams are above the floors on the trusses, so the 8x8 collision would be preferred.

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    Hi Dabent,

    Can you reproduce that issue easily? It wouldn't be based on time, but on logging off and back on. Can you reproduce this:

    1) Move some parts around so they are in valid locations.
    2) Log off and back in.
    3) Are any parts now in invalid locations?

    If you can reproduce this with those simple steps, please give me your exact location.

    Also, has anyone else experienced this issue?


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    Hi Thurgond,

    You're right. I will adjust the 4x4 trusses.

    I'm also going to add better beams for spanning trusses. The current 8 meter beams are best for within trusses, but for spanning trusses, it's better if the beams are a bit longer (8.8 meters) with 0.4 meters on each that rests on a truss and a full 8 meter span. I've made these already and am testing them tonight.

    PS. Chicken-pizza LOL!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Xsyon View Post

    Also, has anyone else experienced this issue?

    yes, one of my tribemember had a building with 3 stories, all was still ghosts and supported, after one of the updates recently some parts tured red. she already tried to move them around but the parts wont turn green. i can tell the exact location as soon as i log in today.

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    Hi Pean,

    Can you log into that location on the Test Server and tell me if the buildings look ok (yellow or white) or if some parts are read for you there?

    Also, does the data on the Test Server include the complete building you are talking about, or should I copy over more recent data to check this?

    At that location I see a building and all parts are correct.


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