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    Into The Shadows

    I tried getting along with people. However they do not understand me and I do not understand them. The creatures I understand. They simply want to eat me. Horrifying as that may be, at least that I understand and can deal with. As long as I can keep distance between them and myself, I can survive. People however are much more complicated. I am not even going to try and understand them anymore. I simply will put distance between them and myself just like all the other creatures in order to survive. And I will use the wild creatures as a buffer between the people and myself. I made it out here and there is evidence others were here too. So I know in the future others will find their way out here from time to time. That is fine and I'll just have to deal with it when it happens. However life out here is extreme and even if some do find their way out here, I doubt very seriously that they will last long. The question is will I survive out here? Only time along with this story will tell. So here begins the story of MrShadow.
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