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    05/22/2015 - Trade Systems Update Feedback

    Hello everyone!

    Please post any problems found or technical feedback on the latest patch in this thread.

    Here are the full patch notes:

    Building Use: Trading Post
    - Allows for ‘trade with tribes from beyond the mist’
    - Tribes can set a building to be used as a Trading Post.
    - Players can select a specific Mist Tribe to trade with.
    - Trading Posts are populated with schemes from Mist Traders each game day.
    - The selected tribe determines what types of schemes are sold.
    - Unsold items are removed after 1 real week.
    - Trading Posts hold a maximum of 20 schemes for sale.
    - Building uses are removed when a tribe is abandoned.
    - This building use is available for bands, clans and tribes only.

    Vendor Panel Improvements
    - Allied Tab changed to Global Tab
    - Global Tab shows items for sale at all Trade Totems across the world
    - Global Tab includes name and location of tribe selling each item
    - Search box added to filter searches
    - Category buttons added to filter searches

    - Life points on selected / targeted creatures update and display properly (like before).
    - Life points on dead creature display as 0 / total (like before).
    - Energy, Nourishment, Hydration and Encumbrance gauges display % when moused over.
    - Falling does not gain jump skill. Only actual jumping (where you press the space bar) will gain skill.
    - Action icons (from the Action Panel or Action Bar) for the terraforming and farming panels close the panel if clicked when the panel is currently open.

    - Gauges further optimized to prevent potential glitches.Notes

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    Give us a trade totem then take it away? WTF!!! come on. There is no trading post ANYWHERE in the south east, tease us then jerk us. Wow on the verge of just unbelievable.
    That's OK I have said over and over this is a patch for vets with lots of money and FAKE large tribes. Most (not all) of the large tribes are not large. They had many player in the past but not now. So the old vets, you love, get the post but newer members do not? How about you go buy paying tribe members and see how many tribes get the damn totem then.
    This is most likely the straw that will end my days in Xsyon. It is the straw that will make me quite recommending this game any more.

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    I apologize for the confusion and I'm very sorry that you feel this way.

    Allowing Trading Posts to be placed by homesteads was patched out as a mistake (as noted in my latest updates). Giving homesteads all building uses would defeat the purpose of these upcoming uses, which is to create active town centers that players will physically gather at.

    Yes, Trading Posts are also a money sink for players with lots of money and who want to build these centers. Trading Posts are not intended to replaced regular trade. Trade totems were enhanced to display global sales, but players should still travel to destinations to make their final purchases.

    This is a very minor feature and just one step to encourage the creation of town centers. As I've stated before, these steps will culminate with allowing players to have a tribe membership and a homestead, allowing players to create more local town centers if they wish to do so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dabent View Post
    There is no trading post ANYWHERE in the south east, tease us then jerk us.
    I've set up a Trading Post on both Peace and War. It's located at 781:72,747 on old white road just outside of Animal Crackers north gate in Round Hill.

    Please visit and buy something. Currently it has the maximum number of schemes and blue prints.

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    On Peace I know of five trade posts, VR, Animal Crackers, Obsidian which is on the island in the lake, Pawnee and Elite, so any hints as to where the others are or is that it for Peace.

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    Bejaymac, Abenaki Outpost has a trade post. It's near Pawnee and Pretorian Guards. Follow the road up the mountain from the scav piles. Located in zone 936 x290y48. Its the pioneer canopy by our trade totem.

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    I'd like to add I have placed a Mist Trader on both War and Peace servers,
    Obsidian Tribe, Mystery Island : coords Zone 779, 38, 673 (south West corner of the island)


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    there is one in 937 next to the chunkpile. its cika's tribe.

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    No new BP's for sale using global trade search, as expected.

    With the after the fact adjustment to mist trading it would literally take months to put together a set of new BP's --from one tribe type.

    1 week, IMO, is way to long for the list to reset (I see 3 8.8 Beams in one list of 20). 3 RL days makes a lot more sense.

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