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    Taking Over An Abandoned Tribe Area

    I did this once but everything remained the property of the previous owner. I heard that baskets not belonging to current tribe are not protected even if on tribe land. I assume this is the same for anything? That someone could dismantle walls not belonging to current tribe?

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    This has changed, if you are not part of the tribe you can't dismantle anything.

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    That is cool then. Are there any disadvantages then from taking over an abandoned tribe site?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kross View Post
    That is cool then. Are there any disadvantages then from taking over an abandoned tribe site?
    What about the locks on gates and doors? Do those become the property of the new owner? And can the new owner change permissions on the locks?

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    Locks on both gates and storage units (tents, teepees, canopies, etc) remain "property" of the builder and thus whatever they have them set to is what will stay. You will be able to use them as tribal leader, but you will not be able to change the locks/perms and your other tribe members -may- have difficulty using them in the case of storage (can't recall). Also, if the builder is a player that is still in the game, whether active or not, there is one other trouble spot. Let's say for example they left that area to join another tribe...and they have the gate set to "tribe use and access" allows their "current" tribe use and access. Same with tents and bins and the like. Same case if they have anything set to friend or's -their- friends and family, not yours.
    You CAN work around this a bit....make sure you only use your own bins, owned by you, in storage units, and keep the bins locked. Or, dismantle and rebuild anything you are gain property rights yourself. (Be aware: you do need to know the bp to be able to build anything. If you dismantle something and don't know that bp...You cannot rebuild it.) Be careful with the dismantle /rebuild option.....if you're working with a place built before the arch changes, what you dismantle may turn 'red' and require more work to rebuild...along with the possibility that it cannot be rebuilt in the particular way it was at all and require changes.
    Taking over an area can be a great option, but go into it knowing the trouble spots.
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    Thanks Casondrah. I think I misunderstood what they were asking and you cleared it up.

    I was talking about a spot that was once owned, and you tear everything down and rebuild it.

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    Yeah. I think I tend to think 'taking over' rather than rebuild because it's something I learned the hard way when I started. lol

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    you can however dismantle buildings you lose some of the resources but the owner switches to you - so you could dismantle the door leaving a phantom blueprint then put materials back in changing the owner to you so your tribe could use it would cost you 40/60% the cost of the building so its also cheaper then making it yourself or just take it apart and use the materials in your own stuff - I find the gates/tents to be the only real big issues early on as they can be costly / allot of crafting for low levels needing 15-20 in several skills and while I understand higher levels have no issues with this it can cause some confusion in newer players

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