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    Question for builders

    I have a 16 x 16 truss placed on top of platforms, which is supposed to be supportable, but it remains red. It seems to me that it should turn yellow for pending once the lower supports are built. Anyone had this happen and is there a way to get the truss vaild? I don't want to build the lower platforms unless the truss can be supported...
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    Platforms only act as support for other platforms or ramps, for your truss you would have to use a post at any corner you don't have another truss/cantilever under.

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    This was cut and pasted from Xsyon's full description of new building system on 1/30/2015:

    "Building Support Requirements
    -Platforms: support Floors, Walls, Roofs, Trusses, Posts, Ramps, Platforms."

    Unless it was changed since then it should work but, from what I'm seeing you may be correct...?
    I may have to post this as a bug or as help ticket to get an official answer.

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    I too thought that platforms would/should work as support for other structures, however I've not gotten them to work with trusses at all, as Bejaymac stated. It would be nice if they worked like posts, supporting anything placed properly on top of them...would allow us some options where we're currently stuck. Like wanting a truss/roof half a story higher than the truss below or next to it, for example.
    Trusses only seem to get support from the ground, other trusses, posts and cross beams tho.

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    Thanks for the confirmations, it sounds like others are having the same problem I am. I'll repost as a bug and see what happens.

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    In my experience you can use plats to support trusses BUT you have to have the truss legs in more toward the center of the platform for it to work, you cant place them in the corner of the platform like that.
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