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    Tahoe Estates (PVP) Accepting New Members

    A very active and growing tribe on the PVP war server is accepting new members. Located near many types of resources for gathering convenience. Community and private areas are under construction. We are not a HOA tribe. Members are allowed to build in private areas any style they like. Or we will build your home for you if you wish. We are also not a slave camp. Members are allowed to work on whatever they wish. We are not a dictatorship as everyone's input is not only welcomed, but encouraged. The only rules we have is respect others and their property.

    What we have so far:

    Salvage area where items found in junk piles are shared.
    Tool tent where found and crafted tools are shared.
    Armory where found and crafted armor is shared.
    Weapon tent for your hunting needs.
    Community kitchen and garden so no one goes hungry.
    Nearby fishing dock.

    Coming in the future will be a library where blueprints, schemes, and patterns will be shared.

    Planned events include hunts, fight clubs, rev camp raids, races, scavenger hunts and more.

    Contact Lilyofthevalley, Vithica, Nong, Austak, or MrShadow for more info.

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    Welcome to all new members

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