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    Has anyone had any problems with the actual download? I seem to be stuck at 1.45gb and the file is texture.xsip, or is this just an unusually large file?

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    Re: Download

    I know for me that file has appeared on that patcher twice now, but I am not sure if that was simply because it was downloading segmented files.

    One thing I know for sure, is that if you abort the download, you have to start again with the last file (or at least restart that file at some point).

    And you can see how much is left? I can't

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    Re: Download

    It does resume partial file download to my knowledge, i was downloading zone.xsip and I killed it and it resumed where it left off.

    stopped about 60MB short of finish, and restarted there.

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    Re: Download

    Might be a new feature, I know it was confirmed that the last patcher couldn't resume partially downloaded content, but could restart the download.

    I know that I kept the old files (3gigs to redownload on my connection isn't going to happen!), so I every now and then get a "Examining Packs" message which seems to indicate that its a big download.

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    OK well I cancelled the download and started it again. It started where it left off which is good and it is working so far

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    OK I take that back, it has now come to a grinding halt. It has been stuck like this for about a half hour now. I will check back on it in another hous and see if it has moved

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