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    Current vertical limit?

    Anyone know the current vertical limit for building? Last I read it was 40m/ 10 levels. But, I thought that was going to increase to 16 levels at 100 arch skill..? I'm at 97 arch and would like to know as it would help plan-wise.

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    NM, still 40m.

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    Go to 80m or 20 stories max. Xsyon, be better than WurmOnline (which is 15 stories at 99 skill). I don't think 80m tall construction will look strange.

    I haven't checked this out but many of the river ravines are very deep. I'd think building should be at a minimum be able to allow folks to make bridges across them. Terraforming isn't always an options because of granite. To meet this goal 80m may not be enough.

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    40m was set as max when the new arc patch came up and i never heard or read anything like a skill related bonus which alows you to get higher. dont even see a reason to get higher, 40m is fine.

    if you want to make a higher building, simply dig up a dirthill, start building on it and cover the dirthill with walls after all.

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    My impression was this was imminent...

    Quote Originally Posted by Xsyon View Post
    Next Up
    - Vertical limits may be increased up to 60 meters (15 stories).

    My impression was this was imminent...

    Link wrong use:
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    That was during early testing, and it never happened as TBH 40 meters at architecture 100 was more than enough.

    IIRC Jordi did say he "might" increase it to 20 stories at architecture 100, but TBH that too isn't really needed for the vast majority of the player base.

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    Speak for yourself. I think it's needed.

    Go big or go home.
    And, I'm sure there are others who agree (see above). I'ts always risky to speak for the 'vast majority', whatever that is.

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    The bug with running up ramps forward needs to be solved before the number of stories is raised. Backing up 10 stories is a real pain and not an option with a cart.

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    Yes, it would be nice to run up ramps as right now you can only walk. But, this in no way should keep the vertical limit from being increased. An all new, improved and expanded building system should push the boundaries of what has been possible in the past. As it stands now you could build much higher structures with the old system.

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    the new arc system was basicly to avoid lags and colision in the future. higher limits could cause lags on payers again. and no, you can build higher than before. in the past there was a limit how far you can dig up dirt, this still exist. right now you could dig up to the max, build another 10 stories on top of it and cover the dirthill. so you have already 36m additional

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