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    That's a good idea about the not able to carry over your weight however, it causes issues in basic play.
    I suggest there is a temp bin for all toons. In this bin is dropped on death but you can carry unlimited weight with normal weight effects.
    While building and crafting sometimes you need to carry over your weight limit. Just think about people with 5 STR. Wouldn't even be able to play.

    Carts being changed is a good idea, with animals and changes to how they work would do wonders.

    Armor that is fully repairable would be a waste of coding IMO. It wouldn't really punish anyone even if you made the cost really high. Major reason is the fact you can just take your armor off and deathport.

    5% cash again would be a waste of coding time as you could get around it. Few people carry cash anyways and no one would feel this effect.

    Temp stat loss is more of those non fun factors that have no real effect on the game other than to stop people from playing for X amount of time. Which is not what you want. Encouraging people to stop playing is a bad system IMO.

    20 skill loss again wouldn't have an effect or it would have an effect as stated about temp stat loss. Neither are good.

    Items in Xsyon were meant to be replaceable. Meaning like in old UO they would break over time no matter what you do. The changes need to happen where players want to use good armor/tools/weapons more but they still break/wear out often enough that people are not crushed when they do. They also need to be replaceable in a smaller amount of time than other MMOs like WOW where you work for 1 piece of gear for weeks or months to get it.
    Right now you can put weeks to make a top end piece of gear (that's not counting leveling the skills). Which I like but is hard to replace. If there was more need for this top end armor I think it would help drive people to do it also.

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    sigh I posted my responses but your not even reading half the info I just give up responding to you just like skim through it and leave half page of why it doesn't work

    so lead follow or get out of the way but either leave a better solution or figure out how to make it work but stop restating info I already covered

    for example I stated not once not twice but 3-5 times that to use the 5% cash loss you would need a new economy held cash system so unlike a item its carried standard like most games and would not be able to just randomly be stuffed in a crate but a new bank system allowing players to place it in and retrieve it from a small cost would be implemented

    also who the hell has 5 starting str - WHO I've not met one person who has started with under 20-50 starting str I mean thats not a building issue that is a issue between the keyboard and chair also you can't even drop the stat to 5! the game stops you its not even possible

    also I played wow I've never once worked more then 5 days for a piece of gear and I've got 6 maxed characters - I mean wow is a crafting joke in the mmo world how on earth do you think it would takes MONTHS to do this

    and I played ultima online to they did implement a repair system which is still in all versions but the hard core no expansions one they run for old old players

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    Not sure how you can say you did not work more than 5 days because the raids are weekly with lockouts so unless you got your piece of gear EVERY raid you did the first time, you had to work more than 5 days to get it.

    I agree about the cash issue, and I'm still stating that it would take more coding than it's worth. All in all I would LOVE a cash system to be the end all be all of repair. But because the system (as you stated) doesn't work well can't really ask for that yet.

    Who would do a 5 STR stat? Well if no one does a 5 STR stat, then something is wrong with that system also. But even at 20 or like me 155 STR you would still have issues of crafting stuff. Trust me, before they lowered the basic weigh of items AND increased the STR effect of weight, people were upset about it all the time.

    Yeah UO changed it, and Xsyon wanted to make the system in Xsyon like they did before that change in UO.
    I also happen to think its better for economy to have items break.

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    You should add different options to resurrection.
    1) resurrect at the spot, you don't loose anything.
    2) resurrect at your totem and apply penalties DDT explained in #11 post
    I would love to loot cash from revs, will give something to hunt for, and please remove revs from the world when killed and respawn a new one.

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    actually the new creation system stops people from getting to 5 stats any more

    and I agree the cash system would take time but that's why I said we should make a list of 5 debuffs for respawning and list them in importance then again in time to code

    I mean if you wanna just go with instant stop you could just do drop all non worn items stopping the death port but it would suck for the players to run 2 hours around trying to find the bag the items dropped into

    the biggest problem death port isn't so much the issue of respawn as a lack of high speed transit for moving items if I could get a cart with animals or a barge to move large amounts of items people would want delivery of those items or setting up trade stations near water to pick them up themselves increasing economy - BUT that would take allot of coding to add a huge new system - but does this effect respawn? no not really

    the main problem is this is about death and only death - not porting - economy - or crafting

    what would hurt you for dieing without making you rage quit this is the question at hand - the rest of those questions can be in a different post

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    I disagree the main problem is about death and only death. Death is already in the game. There is no problem with "death". The problem is death has no meaning, no punishment, no effect. In fact it's abused to transport items. On the PVP server to transport items we turn around and let the person kill is to take them home faster.

    Systems of an MMO are linked and should be helpful and working for all systems. You don't just put in a disconnected system or event for no reason.

    Making you "hurt" is going be by effecting economy, and or crafting, or skilling up, or many other options.

    I agree a major part of the problem is the fact of moving items around is very bothersome. Also the fact that items themselves are very heavy in some cases to do anything with.
    Barge for the lake, able to carry more with carts, mounts etc. All of these are options to help with the deathporting issue along with making the game more fun and realistic.
    I have now idea how much coding it would take but I do no, the deathporting system is broken, always has been broken and hurts the game in many ways. People should not want to die.

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    Not that long ago nobody did death port because everyone used the exploit , transporting thousends of bricks , stones or whatever without getting encumbered. and now talking about broken system or whatever just shows clearly what mind some people in this game have

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dorsie View Post
    Not that long ago nobody did death port because everyone used the exploit , transporting thousends of bricks , stones or whatever without getting encumbered. and now talking about broken system or whatever just shows clearly what mind some people in this game have
    Deathporting has been in the game since day 1. Not sure what you are talking about how nobody did it.

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    i was a bit unclear , what i ment is , it was not needed to transport 10k bricks in your bag , and absolutly not on pve where none could harm you anyway . to use it for a quick return home for any reason is another story

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    Right, it was never intended to be a transporting system. Yet it's used greatly by that.
    Even when they had the trade fairs where Guides would teleport people, few people would care about the trade fair because they had deathporting was just as easy as a guide teleporting you.

    Removing the deathport is much needed as a start to get things working. Will it fix everything? Of course not. But you have to start there.

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