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    A couple solutions to the problems raised here recently.

    To reduce death porting while overloaded, put in a 30 minute debuff where your encumbrance cannot be reduced from it's pre-death amount. This wouldn't penalize a normally encumbered players, but players trying to port a bin full of bricks would be nearly immobilized for a half hour.

    To accommodate the difference between low and high quality armor, on death degrade the durability by a set amount rather than a percentage and increase the durability of Artisan and Master armor. This would have the side benefit of making Artisan and Master gear more valuable. E.g. make the average starting durability of basic/Artisan/Master leather 40/80/120 with lower values for grass or cloth and higher for bone.

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    Id say keep dollars as an optional currency it makes it more fun that way.
    Exp loss sucks plain and simple. Im a cautious player so it deters me from going out on adventures and exploring. I think the best would be permanant stat losses until you get to an infirmary to fix up and item durability loss that is repaired using scrap metal or other materials and not money. Crafters could make repair kits which they could charge cash for or other materials => boosting player driven solutions and making the game feel more interactive. Those repair kits could get better and even provide some durability immunity for a duration giving another niche role in the intricate crafting system.

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    I am a little late to the party, but I would love to see any item that has storage slots drop on death. This would add a death penalty and eliminate death porting in one move. Leave the items where the death occurred so the player has to travel back to the location to recover the items. It would also alleviate the need to differentiate death types. Oops I forgot to drink. Now I have to figure out where I dropped that basket of salvage items.

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    I like the money idea, also having an account would mean i didnt have to keep sorting though bins to find my dollars lol

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    I like the idea of item duration loss, with added repair functions. As you stated this would help boost the economy requiring both new items and someone skilled in repair to fix my item for me.

    Additionally I really like the temporary stat/skill loss but I don't think it's enough on its own. I'd like to see both of these implemented. The only problem with this option I see is gankers on PVP as this would make it even easier for them to kill me again and again, assuming they can find me.
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    there should be a better solution and lighter policy for this. some serious changes.

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    I don't like the stat or skill loss. I think that's overly punishing and not fun at all.

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    but why some serious changes, is there anything wrong?
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