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    Question Artisan and Master Tools and Armor

    1. What skills determines if you can use artisan and master tools?

    2. Are there also requirements to wear artisan and master armor?

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    hi Kross.

    there are 4 diffrent categories of tools, each of them support another skill or kind of item ( making other toos for example )
    the bonuses are +5, as it shows in the description.

    a master tool adds +20, and artisan +10

    whats is this +X number?? lets say you use a master tool, a master foragers weaver + lasher. your basketry is lvl 100 and you are going to craft a bin. by using this tools your skill will be like 120. this allows you to reac better qualities on the final craft.

    what if you use a bunch of master tools?? nothing changes. it doesnt matter if you use 1 or 5 master tools. But if you use a master tool and a normal one together, the bonus wont be 20 anymore, it will be the gap of the 2 types you use.
    this tools are pretty nice and helpful to get over 100 quality.
    Quality of tools does not do anything. it wont effect the quality of the item you craft. the only usefull thing you should pay attention to is the durability of a tool. usual scrapper and trapper have a high dura, but also the foragers items which require only a rock does have.

    about the armors, no there are no requirements to wear. the diffrence on basic / art / master armors is just the amounf of diffrent materials you can add or lets say slots you can use in the crafting window. more sots used means better stats on the final craft.

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    1)Only need the min skill and QL of items to make it.
    Like master requires 90 skill and 90+ QL items to make it. Tool QL has no effect.

    2) No requirement to wear items.

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    I believe you can use artisan tools at 75 skill in the craft you are attempting. This only affects toolmaking, basketry, tailoring, leathercraft, and bonecraft. The type of tools doesn't matter in masonry, architecture, weaponcraft, etc.

    The quality of skewers affects cooking and the combat knife affects hunting.

    For example, at 99 in tools and 50 in bonecraft I can use a master trapper's craft knife to make tools, but only basic craft knives to make bone armor.

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    Ah, thanks. So 75/90 are the magic numbers.

    And if I understand this correctly, I would be able to use an Artisan Needle for leather crafting if my leather crafting skills were 75 or higher but if I try to use that same needle to tailor with tailoring skills below 75, suddenly I would not be able to use them. I can see why this would cause some confusion.

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