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    Very interesting melee combat system in Mabinogi.
    Mobs and players have enough time to choose their skills.
    Playing as an EU on the US Server at at prime time and no lag at all.

    Here is a tutorial for basic skills:

    and here:
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    Keep it the way it is.

    Combat in Xsyon is hard but simple and in a way similar to what you get in the real world, you have a big stick and you need to beat the crap out of your target before it does the same to you, this kind of combat takes skill, timing and a lot of luck.

    Probably going to upset a few with this, but from the sounds of things most want a "fire and forget" combat system, or as I call it the lazy turd combat system, the kind where you get a bunch of skill combos, keybind/macro them in rotation, select your target, then hit a key and sit back and watch your toon kick 9 colors out of the target. No skill, no luck and very little timing required, and not to mention boring as hell.

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    there is no luck needed, but timing and skill for sure. and i would like to see this combat in the future as well. not sure why we would need a change, anybody will cry about any combat we have anyway, anytime.

    we need to balance the critters, not the combat itselt. basically the range of small mutants and mutant bears. animals who ignore surfaces, and keep the same speed all the time. and for sure the speed critters who run faster than a sprinting player and hit like 10 times per second.

    we could implement more weapon skills like swords and polearms(again). i'm against ranged combat since xsyon kinda invite player to cliff any critter, and there is no challenge or unique mob anymore. even if 2 players just kite a enemy, they will get it down in a way where they do not get any hits.
    i also think we could work on the charackters animation. there is no animation when a player recive dmg yet. only when he deal dmg. this could be changed for diffrent weapontypes again.
    also 2 hand axes and a shield which support parry/block and players defense additional would be great.

    anyway. i returned in november and i heard xsyon is working on the critters now. then we got plenty of new stuff and all the time we heard that the current projects are critters. i dont know if the critters topic is to complicated to change or if there is simply no real interest on it. we sould fix the stuff we have and not cause new problems with new implementations. i reported prolly 50% of the bugs in the past 6-8 month. not even all of them in the forum, some via ticket or with hidden threads because they are abusable. i dont really care for all the diffrent opinions and suggestions, but i accept what will come up in the future. i support the game (imo) in a way where it can work well, without issues, and i'm satisfied with the stuff we already have. but this stuff shouldn't annoy players, it should simply work. new players wont come and stay because we have more features to provide. a lot of players who try the game leave already for the reason that they get killed by a rat, or any animal which is not supposed to kill them, compared to reality - and xsyon is based on reality since years, most fixes and changes was to make things more real, soon we can push shortkeys and newbs still die on the rabbits.

    at least but ot lost: improves are fine but please dont start copy a combat system of any other game, this is ultra dumb! xsyon is xsyon and not any other game, keep it this way. the combat here isnt really hard, just not similar with oter games, but pretty easy to learn. add a window with players abilitys like def, atk, hitrate and fix the critters, then we will have a way better use of time spend on development.

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    The reason I don't like the current combat system is because you can be hit in MELEE combat from 12+ meters away due to desync. Because desync can only be fixed so much, I suggest changing the system of combat.
    Also, combat is extremely boring. You attack back up attack. Repeat until monster is dead. No skill or tactics outside of that is needed. I can kill ANY monster in the game without being hit due to this. Mean means armor is worthless for combat (oddly enough its useful for crafting) and weapons matter in only the amount of time not IF you can do it.
    Combat should be more than walking backwards.

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    Let me preface my remarks by saying I'm an older gamer that didn't grow up with playing 1st person shooters on home consoles. The home version of Pong came out about the time I hit the quarter century mark. Keep in mind that Xsyon's population does skew older than the hand holding theme park MMO's.

    The only times I can kill anything without getting hit is when I can one shot something.

    My biggest problem with the current combat system (ignoring my general lack of coordination and slow reaction speed) is that mouse look remains enabled in a combat system that requires holding down the right mouse button. In combat, mouse look is even enabled on the left mouse button, so I can't switch to using my weapon in the left hand.

    Melee combat should have several valid tactics, even if some are situational. As it stands, the best strategy is to walk backward while fully charging your weapon and trying to time the opponent's strike. Picks/shovels are the best choice because their slow charge time is still shorter than the strikes of big game. Shorter charge times of blades/axes/clubs in no way off sets their lower damage and reach.

    I'd be cool with not bringing a knife to a bear fight if there were some situations where blades were a valid option. Perhaps allowing a dual wield/double hit option with two blades. Making frequent hits interrupt critters would also make faster weapons a useful skill.

    Options to make weapons different are stuns from clubs and staves, crits from axes, bleeds from blades and pole arms.

    With or without major changes to combat, additional combat AI would really help make combat more than backing up. Current critter behaviors are run away, advance and the mixed run away/advance of dogs and cats. Having big game occasionally back up and then charge would also make combat more interesting.

    The AI when several mobs are agro is also easily defeated by player's back up all the time strategy. Say you have several revs coming at you. You can see the revs that are not at the front of the beat down line trying to go wide to get at you, but the best they can do is occasionally get to the front of the line.

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    New to Xsyon, however this is the one area that needs a significant boost. I hope it is simple to do, make the hit box bigger... Not just the head as this is sometimes a small area or is blocked by the body of the animal (most occurrences) so if there were 2 hit boxes on the creature not sure if that is doable, i dont code, one on the head (does more damage) and one on the body 1/3 damage of head maybe this wold work?

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    Mortal online and mount and blade combat style is great, 4-side blocking and attacking makes it really nice and simple, pretty much no abilities/skills aside some simple ones and not counting magic xD

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    Q: overhead swing left W: forward jab E: overhead swing right A: underhand swing left D: underhand swing right.

    Switch movement controls to mouse.

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    I honestly i think Xsyon would have done better with a Active Time Combat system like StarWarsGalaxies or even AnarchyOnline.

    1) The WASD movement was unlocked during combat and attacks were fired off on a active cycle between the Attack and a Cooldown for the next attack(and/or ability).
    2) The attacks get canceled when LOS breaks or the target moves out of range, apart from that the server handles the skill RNG checks between both parties and resolves the outcome.
    3) Special type attacks are put into the queue or fired off when the player hits the hotkey and have separete cooldown timers from the other special attacks and normal combat attacks.

    In those type of systems there is "in combat" and "out of combat" mode where you just continue to attack what ever it is so long as you remain in range and with line of sight.

    I have no problems killing bears, i have problems killing bears that are 10m away, aren't playing the attack animation and yet im taking damage, then suddenly zip over to my position.
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    Elder Scrolls online combat though laggy sometime is my favorite. you have the single and heavy attack with blocks as well. It also implements a few skills on the bar but not enough to make things too complex. You get to pick and choose based on your playing preference which in my opinion is the biggest draw as I fell my character is my own and not some cookie cutter build. The hit boxes are really awkard in that game though so the mount and blade elements and smaller hit boxes might fix that.

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