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    07/25/2015 - Feedback Request Architecture (Main Servers)

    Hello everyone!

    The Test Server is open with the following optimizations and improvements to the architecture system.

    1) Placement functions optimized. This should greatly reduce delays (and increased ping) when placing and moving construction 'ghost' projects.

    2) Inconsistencies with placement functions corrected. Some players have encountered an issue where a 'ghost' project is grey but turns red when they attempt to complete the build and need to move the part back and forth before completion. This has been fixed and should no longer happen.

    3) Zone boundary issues corrected. Some players have had problems with 'ghost' projects staying red when spanning a zone boundary. This should be correct in all cases now.

    Please provide feedback if you can on the 'builder's lag' in particular. If you can still reproduce the other problems, also let me know.

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    Don't think I suffered from the builder's lag and I'm not on a zone boundary so I can't check that, but number 2 I did "suffer" from, and I'm pleased to say it no longer happens.

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    As of July 27th these changes have been patched to the Main Servers. If you can confirm the fixes or still have problems with any of these, please let me know.


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    I've been experiencing major lag spikes near but not at zone boundaries since this patch. This was before the server move. Ping goes from my normal 31-32 ms to 500 or occasionally 800. Waiting for this lag to go away can take a minute or more. Prior to this patch ping would occasionally go to 55-75 at these spots and last for 5-15 seconds.

    It happens at zones with little or no architecture, so it does not appear to be associated with lots of buildings loading.

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