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    Question Revenants and bin looting

    A couple of weeks back I hit a dead tribe (no totem) and killed and stripped all of the Revenants, one of them was armed with an Excavator and was wearing two pieces QL 100 Master DeVere armor, now the armor didn't have a crafted by nor any stats so right away my thoughts were guide made event rewards.

    Now yesterday there was quite a discussion in chat about how the rev got the Excavator, not once did any of them think that the rev got it from a bin, because when I said that all I got was "No, revs do not loot bins".

    Now I happen to believe they can and do loot armor and weapons from bins, I've taken enough crafted gear off them that matches gear in bins from that tribe, but I've also found bins bursting with gear and the revs are only wearing their standard armor or are naked, so I can understand why others believe they don't loot bins.

    Problem is that it seems a bit hit or miss, do they, don't they, does any old bin on the ground count or are locks and permissions a deterrent that stops them.

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    Revs do not pick up any items from containers.they also do not spawn with weapons on the default settings. they can have random rev equipments but only clothes.

    the excuvato is a eventreward which was not handed out for years. i do have excuvators. the event reward of old times was 75quality, as yours should be, te pre order ex's was 80q, not loot or tradeable, also not possible to drop it to a container - just bound to the charackter. as far as i'm aware of there wasnt give any away since a very long time. i know there was a bunch of neutralizer given away in february this year, which is the other kind of infinity durability knife, and they had 100quality.

    i guess a old player who had such a reward or looted it in the past logged in after a long time, didnt take care and lost it to a rev. be happy about it, lots of "tradeable" infinity weapons are still in the game, but i can tell that most are hold by places which will prolly never decay. most of them are just on players bodys who logged of, or in bugged, stacked containers or carts. you are a lucky one so far.

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    Deleted characters don't show "crafted by" but DeVere armor was put in after stats were added to armor, so I figure these were guide made.

    I've seen revs with guide made gear before. It could be that guides are fighting revs without their super guide powers, but I suspect it is more likely occasionally boost a few revs just to mess with us players.

    Crafted gear on a rev matching that tribe's members likely came from a member that logged in to a tribe full of revs and dying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thurgond View Post
    Crafted gear on a rev matching that tribe's members likely came from a member that logged in to a tribe full of revs and dying.
    That would reset the timer on the totem, and a couple of the tribes I've "been aware of" while their 30 days was still active, I've seen them become inactive, and even watched as they become Deserted and the first rev spawns.
    Now don't get me wrong as I don't find player gear on revs all the time, it's rare but there's been enough times to make we wonder.

    Then theres the rev page on the wiki, yes I know the wiki is seriously out of date, but who ever wrote that page either knew what they were talking about, or were talking out their ass, as it clearly states that revs loot from bins.

    Now the way I see it working is, you have a tribe with a dozen bins laying around the totem, only one has any player gear in it, the rest are all scav junk. Now the timer on the totem hits Deserted and a rev has to spawn, this is when Random Number Generators kick in, a series of RNG determine what rev armor, QL and stats the rev gets, another RNG then determines if the rev gets to "look" in a bin, if it's no then the rev spawns in just it's rev gear, if it's yes then another RNG runs to choose which bin. In this case that would be a one in twelve chance it's going to get to "look" in the bin with gear, and even if it does get to "look" in that bin it can only take a few pieces, and only to fill in some of the empty slots in it's own gear, and it's just TS on the rev if everything in the bin is for slots it's already got gear in.

    But like all things Xsyon, only one person really knows what's what.

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    When did the revs stop looting bins? They used to back in the day.

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    Revs do not loot bins.

    I have been here for a long time and never seen them do it, That is a urban legend.
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    Here is an answer to the "Do Revs loot bins"? Without the general management answering this specific question in detail, no one can no for sure what Revs do or don't do. Since no one can see whether a Rev is looking in a bin or not, how can you truly know without guides or the gm telling you. As for extremely good gear appearing on a Rev, I suppose a guide could let a Rev kill him and let the Rev wear really good armor. Is that messing with people? Not really sure.


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    "Really good gear" is only from players.
    The stuff that Rev's come with, are going to be like "Dismay" zombie looking armor. As a Rev is "Leveled" up by killing players. That armor gets stronger.

    About looting bins, I'm pretty sure they do not. Even thought hat was the plan, however, no real way to know.

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    The official word is: revenants do not loot bins :-)

    It was something that was planned at one point and may make it into the game at a later time.

    What has happened in some tribes is that new, low level players obtain armor and weapons from abandoned bins, then get attacked by nearby revenants who in turn take the armor and weapons. That explains why some revenants have good quality armor and weapons that have been left behind.

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